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Adventure Comics #5 Cover, Someone's Dying?

This could be bad.

DC has shared a look at the cover to Adventure Comics #5.  While at first, you might be rejoicing in the apparent death of this character.  But since we're in the midst of Blackest Night, you know death is really not a good thing these days.  Superboy (or Superman) Prime was a big enough problem when he was alive.  If he dies and is converted, watch out.


I keep thinking about all the Black Lanterns and how they will be stopped.  We've been suspecting that we may be seeing some White Lanterns eventually to come and save the day.  We are going to need a really good ending to this story.  I'm sure we can all agree that the Black Lanterns will have to be stopped at the end of this story.  I don't see them remaining "active" after Blackest Night and being able to continue running around killing people to create more Lanterns.  Since this has been such an epic story so far, we're going to want a really sweet ending.
What are your thoughts on how the Black Lanterns will be defeated?  How do you see this story ending?  Will the other colored Lanterns band together?  Will we see White Lanterns swoop in to save everyone?  What emotion will the 'white' stand for?  What will happen to all the characters that have been killed or resurrected and turned into Black Lanterns?  Will they return to death or given another chance at life?  Could this mean the return of several deceased characters?