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Aaron Lopresti Talks Metamorpho in New DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Series

Lopresti talks about writing and drawing for the upcoming anthology title.

DC is expanding their universe on March 16 with the new LEGENDS OF TOMORROW series, which features stories about characters that aren't always in the limelight. Aaron Lopresti is writing and drawing stories that focus on the Element Man, Metamorpho. We talked to the writer/artist about the upcoming book and what we can expect from it.

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Comic Vine: What's the Metamorpho story about?

Aaron Lopresti: This story centers around the Orb of Ra. What it really is, how it got in the lost Pyramid of Ahk-Ton and where it came from. Simon Stagg wants its unlimited power, Metamoprho wants it to change him back to human and Sapphire Stagg is torn between the two. It’s a big epic adventure that spans two worlds and finally clarifies just who is Metamorpho and how he fit in the bigger picture. It is also important to note that the character is being played straight in this new incarnation without the campy humor.

Is the story exploring any part of Metamorpho's past or origin?

The story extensively explores his origin using the original origin story from Brave and the Bold as a beginning platform. Everything is explained but I guarantee the story doesn’t go where anyone would expect.

Are the stories within this anthology building to anything bigger or are they just stand-alones?

If any of the characters in the anthology get a strong enough response we could see a possible ongoing series for any of them. Specifically with Metamorpho, this story sets up for much bigger things down the road not only for Metamorpho but for the DCU as well.

Are we going to see any other characters from the DCU popping in?

Only one. That would be the villain behind the scenes, who steps into the foreground rather quickly.

What is it that you like about this character?

Just his overall “weirdness”. My favorite DCU characters have always been the odd ones. I like the fact that he is like a monster version of Plastic Man, only with more versatile powers. I like the Beauty and the Beast dynamic he can have with Sapphire and the odd ball hero/villain relationship he has with Stagg’s henchman, Java the Ape Man.

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Are there any standout moments or issues for you featuring Metamorpho?

I always liked the character from its earliest incarnations but it was the Giffen/DeMatties/Sears version of the character in Justice League Europe that really made me a fan.

Do you find writing and drawing the book to be a challenge?

Not really. I enjoy writing and drawing, it allows me to play to my strengths as a storyteller. It allows me to make changes on the fly that improve the story. Sometimes you don’t see the holes until you start drawing what you’ve written. There is always a bit of a challenge meshing your story vision with the parameters of a company owned character but that’s not unique to the writing/drawing dynamic.

Thanks to Lopresti for answering our questions and make sure to check out LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, featuring Metamorpho and others, when it goes on sale on Wednesday, March 16. Check out the rest of the preview below.

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