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A Truly Heroic Kickstarter to Check Out

Here's another Kickstarter project for you to check out.

One of the first things every young writer learns (whether instinctively or through instruction) is the Hero's Journey.

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Rarer is the writer who actually lives the Hero's Journey and actually has the talent,skill and persistence to get it all down on paper.

And finally, even more rare is the young writer artist who suffers a brain aneurysm, has to relearn how to talk and write and draw, and then gathers a few dozen artists to help him produce a 100 page graphic novel through Kickstarter -- dedicated to donating the proceeds of the graphic novel to help other people similarly afflicted.

That's why I'm calling attention to Siike Donnelly's SOLESTAR graphic novel.

Even if you didn't know the inspirational back story behind the project, the story itself that Siike has written is really touching. I know you are all going to mock me unmercifully, but it feels like the opposite number of Frank Miller's original Dark Knight saga. Here, read what Siike has to say about it and tell me if you don't agree:

The plot revolves around Isamu Takahashi, a Japanese man that got his powers during the bombing of Hiroshima. Waking in that disaster, he chose to use his powers to help rebuild his country. Over time he learned that he no longer ages like everyone else.

In 2013, he meets the love of his life, Ashley. 20 years later she passes away from a brain aneurysm. When the story opens, it's on Christmas Eve of the year 2099. After over 150 years of life, Solestar knows that today will be his last day alive.

Being the last superhero on Earth, and knowing that some of his villains still exist, waiting for him to die so that they can take over this world, Solestar embarks on his most difficult journey yet, to turn the bad guys good. From villains that control the elements, to giant monsters, and ending with his greatest enemy of all, Solestar aims to find the good in all of us, one last time. "All life is connected, all life is worth saving."

Come on, tell me you don't want to read that story and I'll call you a liar!

Six days left... come on, people! We can do this!

Scott Lobdell is the writer for SUPERMAN, TEEN TITANS and RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. He often takes heroic journeys himself, especially when having to drive back from the grocery store during rush hour traffic with a quart of ice cream in the back of the car.