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A Justice Leaguer Makes Their Return in SECRET SIX #3

Someone returned to the DCU this week and flew under the radar.

SECRET SIX #3 came out this week and while the team is still getting used to each other and trying to live with one another, and find out who kidnapped them and locked them in a box, something big was revealed at the end of this week's issue. It turns out someone isn't who they say they are and we actually get to see the return of a pretty big character we haven't seen since before FLASHPOINT, as well as who was behind their kidnapping.

Warning: There's some spoilers blow.

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Out of everyone in this group, there's been one character who has stuck out and the readers couldn't make heads or tails of him. Who is Big Shot AKA Mr Wells? The Secret Six hasn't given a lot of information about this character other than he can grow in size, which comes in handy when he fights. However, a lot of the mystery is "who is Mockingbird and what do they want with the Secret Six?"

In SECRET SIX #3, two big moments were revealed. But let's break it all down before we get into the big reveal.

During a scene where Big Shot and Black Alice are having a chat with each other, Alice discovers a picture of a woman. Big Shot explains that's his "forever girl," and she died on Big Shot quite a while ago. While it seems like a quick, passing moment, where we get to know Big Shot and Black Alice a little bit better, in a quiet setting, something isn't sitting right.

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As the issue moves forward, Catman and crew get into a fight with a police officer who is beating on his dog and the group discusses getting their revenge on Mockingbird, who had them locked up in the first two issues.

Big Shot walks away and there's two huge reveals right in the final three panels, letting the reader know who Big Shot truly is and who was behind their kidnapping.

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Not only is The Riddler actually Mockingbird and behind this group, but it turns out the Big Shot is actually Ralph Dibney. That's right, Big Shot is Elongated Man, who has not appeared in a current continuity DC book since the reboot a few years back, not counting CONVERGENCE.

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Now that we know who Big Shot is, we know his wife was Sue, and as we saw in this issue, she's no longer with us. Sue died the Pre-Flashpoint DCU during Identity Crisis. Does that mean Identity Crisis happened in the New 52 or did Sue die another way? Regardless, the big thing to focus on is that Elongated Man is back, and he's undercover. Even bigger, he's working for The Riddler, who had the Secret Six locked up. What's the end game here? We'll have to keep reading SECRET SIX to find out.