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A Cloak & Dagger TV Show, Too?

Plus Punisher, Ka-Zar, Heroes for Hire and more...

This Friday, on CLOAK & DAGGER...
This Friday, on CLOAK & DAGGER...

We had to make way for the HULK first (as you must, unless you want to get squished like the puny human you are) but there are actually a lot of other Marvel titles being floated around for TV. The most relevant one at the moment is CLOAK & DAGGER which, by THR’s reckoning, is being developed as a TV show for ABC Family.  I honestly never got into the adventures of this odd couple, but a lot of artists I worked with just love them, so go figure. I don’t know if there’s enough to their premise to make them stand alone outside the Marvel universe. Reportedly, Jeph Loeb is meeting with writers, right now, who’re going to make some very compelling cases as to how these spooky kids can stand on their own.

But it doesn’t end there.  Apparently, Marvel TV delivered a presentation of possible titles to Disney in the spring which are now gaining some headway.   The list included…

Some quick comments - - == TEASER ==

  • I don’t know if the inclusion of the Red Hood with Moon Knight is a typo. I suppose Marc Spector could be teaming up with Jason Todd, but the prospect seems unlikely.
  • AGENTS OF ATLAS, ALTER EGO seems to be a riff on ALIAS.   The plot description goes like this “private investigator Jessica Jones takes on cases involving superhumans.” I’m sure they had to change the name on account of that Jennifer Garner show, although I’ll be curious if this means she’ll be teaming up with 3D Man and the Uranian.
  • PUNISHER could easily work as TV show, but only if it were a no-holds-barred TV-MA cable program (as the article mentions.) EnnisMAX run basically read like a HBO show.
  • HEROES FOR HIRE, DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON and KA-ZAR sound like they’d be the easiest ones to turn into TV shows, especially if the latter is modeled (as the plot description suggests) after the Waid/Kubert run from the late 90s that put the jungle man in New York’s concrete jungle.

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