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A Case for Black Mask in Batman 3

Why should Black Mask appear in the third film?

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It was very recently announced that Tom Hardy was cast as a lead role in the third Batman film. It got me thinking after watching a few of Hardy's clips on the internet: "This guy would make the perfect Black Mask." However, my reasoning is more than just "he could play the part." Black Mask would fit into the Nolan Batverse incredibly well because of the way the Nolans (and Goyer) set up the past two films.
Recently, we saw Black Mask appear in the straight-to-dvd film Batman: Under The Red Hood as the current crime boss of Gotham City. As great as it was to see the character in the film, I felt the character lacked in a few areas compared to the comic book version. The film version of Black Mask lacked the intimidation factor that comic version had. He came off as a little too goofy in the film, and I kept questioning why his thugs put up with it, and because of this, he lost that intimidation factor that a crime boss needs in order to retain control over his empire. He also didn't feel as dark or violent as the comic book version, and again, that leads to losing that intimidation factor the character needs. He needs to be smart, in control, and cunning, three pieces of the puzzle that were missing from the animated feature.
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Nolan's Batman films aren't necessarily about super-heroes fighting super-villains. They about one man's attempts to return a city to its glory days when the people ruled the streets and not organized crime. While there may be a main villain within each film, Batman is simply trying to dismantle pieces of crime families. At the end of the second film, Batman is no longer seen as a hero by the authorities in Gotham, he is now the enemy. Batman took the blame for all the crimes committed by Harvey Dent, in order to save his image and name, shortly before his death. This is where Batman is for the third film, or at least, where he should be. He's being chased by Gotham authorities and most likely, trying to fight crime at the same time. Without all of his crime-fighting efforts on actual crime-fighting, a new crime boss could easily take the reigns and rise to power: Cue Black Mask. He's ruthless, twisted, but intelligent, and he's the perfect person to lead Gotham into a new era, an era without the Bat on crime's back. 
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This brings us back to Tom Hardy, an actor I truly believe could pull off the Black Mask if that was the part he was playing. User Bruce_Vain sent me a few links to a film that Tom Hardy starred in, and from watching this clip, I immediately knew, if he had the chance, he could play the part. He is incredibly intense in these scenes, angry, and more intimidating than any actor I can think of in recent years. For me, he has all the tools to make Black Mask pop on screen and become one of the most memorable villains on screen. Sure, a lot of people would rather see Riddler, Killer Croc, or one of the other countless Batman rogues take center stage in this film, but many of them can easily come off as hokey on the big screen, and a little too far-fetched. Needless to say, whatever character Tom Hardy is going to play in this film, I'm sure it's going to be amazing. The Nolans and Goyer have crafted two amazing films, and I am sure this third film will be a dynamite end to their run. We can only sit back and wait for now.
~Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, comic book writer, and comic store employee.