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A 3D Re-Release of the Indiana Jones Series?

If it happened, would you really be surprised?

 Imagine if this had run continuously until today?
 Imagine if this had run continuously until today?

It’s a safe bet that whatever happens to STAR WARS will eventually happen to INDIANA JONES, and vice versa. When the prequels wrapped up, it was only a couple years before the fedora and the bull whip were picked up again for KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL... and so on, and so on. The two enjoy a symbiosis like the ying and the yang, like Batman and Superman, like… Venom and Mac Gargan?  So, even though this bit from Bleeding Cool (by way of Disney Sky News) about a 3D re-release for all four INDY movies is very much rumor, I don’t think it’s really that hard for anybody to believe since, well, Lucasfilm is already making 3D versions of all the STAR WARS movies. 

One follows the other, like two carts racing down a mineshaft....  

In lieu of any gripes about the horrors of 3D conversion (and I'm sure they'll follow below), I'm curious to hear how you maniacs feel about 3D comics. The examples are fewer and farther between in this field, but I thought the epic 3D conclusion of LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN: THE BLACK DOSSIER was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had reading a comic. You really did get that kind of "meta" feeling of this "Blazing World" erupting from the page and surrounding you with all this startling phantomasgoria. It was such a good experience, I really would've like to see it more often. I know a lot of people have problems getting headaches, but I've never had such an issue.  == TEASER ==
Actually, if you want to talk about some really crazy cases of 3D in comics, you ought to hunt down a copy of the TERMINATOR one-shot that Comic Vine's friend James Robinson did with Matt Wagner for Dark Horse. That one had a pop-up double-spread of this female Terminator crashing through a window on a motorcycle - - and that's something you just don't see in comics these days.

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