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7 Things From the Wolverine Comics That Won't Happen in Logan

Logan may be inspired by the "Old Man Logan" story arc, but these cool moments won't happen on the big screen adaptation.

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At San Diego Comic-Con in 2015, Hugh Jackman surprised attendees by taking the stage and saying, "I've got three words for you guys: 'Old Man Logan.' Take from that what you will."

Old Man Logan is a 2008 Wolverine story arc by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. The epic story took readers fifty years into the future where Logan had given up being Wolverine after a major tragedy. Because of licensing rights between Fox and Marvel Studios, there are many moments that simply can't happen in the Logan movie. The movie is taking a departure from the comic. Here are seven cool things you won't see, but we wished we could.

The Hulk Gang

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Logan settled down, got married, had kids, and became a pig farmer with Hulk as his landlord. The Hulk Gang consisted of Hulk's offspring and they tormented the tenants and they collected the monthly payments.

Logan vowed to never pop his claws again after the death of the X-Men. Despite the Hulk Gang being cruel and rude, he took their verbal and physical abuse. Times were tough and he wasn't able to make payment on time. After a beating, they gave him the chance to pay double the next month.

Blind Hawkeye

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Prior to this story, the villains united and killed all the heroes. Hawkeye, the former Avenger, was pretty much blind and one of Logan's few remaining friends. He came to Logan after the Hulks' visit asking if he'd accompany him on a road trip to make a delivery across the country.

Hawkeye may have been blind, but that didn't stop him from kicking butt. He was more than capable of taking care of himself in a fight.

The Spider-Mobile

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In the 1970s, Spider-Man briefly had a Spider-Mobile. Why did Spider-Man need a car? It was made for him, and had special abilities. The original was more of a dune buggy. This model must have been modified at some point.

The Spider-Mobile could drive on the side of buildings and shoot webbing. Hawkeye won the car in a card game from the Mandarin. It would be absurd to see in a live-action movie, but it'd be pretty rad.

Hawkeye's Daughter/Spider-Man's Grandaugther

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Another crazy moment was the revelation that Hawkeye's third wife was Spider-Man's youngest daughter, Tonya. Ashely Barton seemed to take after her hero father and grandfather. Unfortunately she got in some trouble when trying to fight the current Kingpin. Hawkeye convinced Logan to allow them to take a detour to free her from being locked up.

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It turned out Ashley didn't have noble intentions. Just as the Kingpin killed Magneto for his territory, Ashley wanted to do the same. She even turned on her father after he freed her to make a statement to her followers. She would have killed him if Logan didn't smash through the building in the Spider-Mobile and rescue him.

Venom Dinosaur

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In the Marvel Universe, the Savage Land is a prehistoric land that exist in Antarctica. Dinosaurs had been imported but abandoned when the new owners discovered how expensive they were to feed. At some point, the Venom symbiote bonded with a t-rex.

The Venom dinosaur chased after Logan and Hawkeye. Luckily Black Bolt, the Inhuman, was nearby and used his powerful voice to stop the dino in its tracks.

Logan vs. the Red Skull

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The Red Skull was the ringleader in uniting the villains against the heroes. After defeating Captain America, he claimed the White House and kept a trophy room full of hero memorabilia.

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Logan gets shot, put in a body bag and brought to the Red Skull. When he heals and wakes up, he fight the Skull, using Captain America's shield to put the finishing touches on the evil ruler. He then takes what remains of Iron Man's armor and flies home with cash to pay the Hulk Gang.

The Final Battle

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The Hulk Gang got bored and visited Logan's farm early. They decided to kill his wife and kids as a message. This caused Logan to finally pop his claws and become Wolverine once again.

He unleashes fifty years of fury upon the Hulk Gang. It's a bloodbath, and Logan finally approaches Banner for the ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk showdown.

There are other great moments in the story. Check it out if you haven't read it. Logan may not be using the major story elements from the comic, but it looks like it will be pretty epic in its own right.