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6 Developments from 'The Flash' Episode 202

Find out what big things happened this week.

With the new season of The Flash kicking off, there have been a lot of developments with the characters and the world The Flash operates in. This week's episode "Flash of Two Worlds" had a lot of reveals, and we picked out 6 of the most important ones for you to check out.

Warning: This contains spoilers for this week's episode.

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6. Jay Garrick is Super-Knowledgable

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A lot of this episode revolves around Jay Garrick on Barry's Earth. We all knew this was coming, but there's a lot revealed about his Earth and Zoom. This isn't the WWII Jay and it's not necessarily the New 52 Jay. It seems like a little bit of a mix.

Throughout the episode, he drops info relevant to the plot as well as training Barry, which we'll get to a bit later. Jay explains that Zoom wants to kill Barry because Zoom wants to be the only speedster. In addition, this episode solidifies the idea of doppelgangers from other Earths. Sure, we saw it with Atom Smasher in the first episode, but Jay reiterates the point here. While Jay hasn't been The Flash much longer than Barry, he comes in handy as a mentor.

5. Patty Spivot: Future Love Interest

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Another new character to this episode was Patty Spivot, who works for Central City PD. In the comic, Spivot was Barry Allen's girlfriend who was a blood analyst at the police department. She ended up moving to Nevada after she thought Barry died.

On the show, Pivot is determined to be a part of the anti-metahuman task force, but Joe doesn't want her on the non-defunct team. Pivot is smart, smarter than many of her colleagues, and she already has a thing for Barry. She's in awe of his work for the department and read everything he's done. Eventually, Pivot proves to Joe that she's the right person for the job, after telling Joe that her father was killed by two criminals who eventually became metahumans.

4. Barry's New Powers

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Let's not forget that Barry is still pretty new to being the Flash and understanding his powers. Sure, he's been around for a whole season, but the Speed Force is a crazy thing that gives Barry more than the ability to run fast.

Jay teaches Barry the ability to "hurl the lightning." What exactly is that? Well, when Barry is running, there's all that Speed Force lightning behind him, so Barry grabs it and tosses it at whatever he pleases. This time, he throws it at Sand Demon, turning him to glass and he shatters. Wait... Did Sand Demon just die? Why is everyone cool with that? Anyways, two episodes in and we already have a new power. We'll most likely see more.

3. Cisco's New Powers

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Barry can't be the only person dealing with new powers, right? Last season, Harrison Wells revealed to Cisco that he has powers and the entire Flash viewing audience wanted to know more. We already know that Cisco still has memories from the undone timeline where Wells killed him. What more can Cisco do now?

Well, this episode gives new insight into Cisco's new powers. When he touches items from Earth-2, he gets glimpses of the past. The first time it happens, Cisco touches some of Sand Demon's cells, he sees the fight between Barry and SD the night prior. The second time he does it, much later in the episode, he sees where SD is holding Patty Spivot. This is his first time using the power, so it's pretty obvious that's not all he can do.

2. Iris' Mother

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Iris' mother returns? This was a bit of a shocker, even though we knew it was coming. During the last moments of the episode, The elevator doors open and there she is, right in front of Joe. We don't get much, but this could lead to something bigger.

Is this how Wally will be introduced? Could he actually be Iris' brother? Could this be a doppelganger from Earth-Two? We don't know anything for sure yet, but Iris' mother returning opens up a whole lot of doors for the season.

1. Harrison Wells is Back!

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At the very end of this week's episode, we're treated to a shot from another world where STAR Labs is a thriving place with tours and fancy outfits not of this world. Guess what happens next? An elevator door opens, revealing another character: Harrison Wells.

That's right, on one of these Earths, Harrison Wells is in charge of STAR Labs. Could this be Earth-Two? Is it actually Harrison Wells? Every fiber of my beings wants this to be him, but I keep thinking there's a bigger connection to Zoom.

There you have it. That's the 6 big moments that happened this week on the show. What scenes did you love?