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5 Developments from The Flash: Season 2, Episode 20 [SPOILERS]

The team has to take on a new metahuman: "Rupture."

Barry Allen no longer has his powers. He tackles the world at a regular pace like everyone else. However, Zoom is still on the loose and so are metahumans. The Flash needs to have a presence in Central City. A new super-powered being pops up, but what connection does he have to one of the members of STAR Labs?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for this episode.

The Flash is Back to Fighting Crime, Sort of

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Without the Flash patrolling the streets, crime could get out of hand in the city. Luckily, the team at STAR Labs has a plan: holograms. They have some interesting tech set up that allows Barry to control a hologram on the streets, so criminals think The Flash is after them. While the Flash can't actually interact with them, he can stall criminals until the police show up.

The New Villain in Town is Another Doppleganger

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Early on in the episode, Cisco has a vibe of his brother, Dante. Cisco meets up with Dante, and they're both confronted by a new metahuman, Rupture. It's quickly revealed that the man behind the mask is Dante from Earth-Two. Apparently, Zoom told Rupture that Cisco killed Reverb, his Earth-Two counterpart. It seems like their dopplegangers from the other world are a whole lot closer than they are. Rupture ends up being detained by the police and the Flash hologram.

Iris and Barry: Will They? Won't They?

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Since the start of the series, Barry and Iris have never been on the same page with where they are at, relationship wise. They both have feelings for each other, but they have yet to really explore them. During a conversation between the two, Iris reveals to Barry that she wants to start exploring her future with Barry. The future where it's already been revealed that they are married.

Recreating the Particle Explosion Goes Horribly Wrong

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A plan is created to give Barry back his powers. The STAR Labs team is going to recreate the explosion that gave Barry his powers in the first place. Harrison Wells and crew get everything set up and get the accelerator moving. Everything looks like it is going to plan, and it seems like the Speed Force lightning is going back to Barry. Then, Barry disintegrates. For all intents and purposes, Barry is dead, until next week.

Wally and Jesse Get Hit with Barry Mist

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This sounds a lot grosser than it actually it is. After Barry disintegrates, a yellow mist floats down the halls of STAR Labs. During this time, Jesse Wells and Wally West are running down the hall and get hit by a yellow mist that originated from Barry. What could this mean?

In the comics, Wally West eventually becomes the Flash, and Jesse becomes Jesse Quick, so fans have been waiting for him to gain access to the Speed Force. Now that Flash doesn't exist because he's dead/disintegrated/gone for an episode, is it up to Wally and Jesse to stop Zoom?

Harrison mentions earlier in the episode that on Earth-Two there are a lot of metahumans running around and he assumes that because the Flash on Earth-One is out and about fighting crime, many of the super-powered beings on Barry's Earth are in hiding. Now that Flash is gone, will they come out of hiding? Probably, especially since Zoom went on television to tell everyone that the Flash doesn't have powers anymore.

This episode was a bit better than the last two. It was another villain of the week episode, but it was all building to a pretty surprising conclusion. Of course, when Iris had her talk with Barry, it seemed to foreshadow something awful coming. However, Barry's end was a surprise nonetheless.

Let us know what you thought of the episode.