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5 Developments from The Flash: Season 2, Episode 18 [SPOILERS]

The Flash takes on Zoom and in the episode titled "Versus Zoom."

After taking a two-week break, The Flash returns to CW and has Barry Allen and his companions at STAR Labs taking on the season-long villain, Zoom. In a previous episode, it was revealed that Zoom was either Jay Garrick or a doppelganger of Garrick, from another parallel Earth. This week, everything about Zoom's notorious plan is revealed, including who Zoom actually is and his disturbing past.

There were some huge moments in this week's episode, and it all wasn't just about Zoom. There are some spoilers ahead, for episode 18, "Versus Zoom."

5. Zoom's Troubled Past

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Zoom, whose real name is Hunter Zolomon, didn't have an easy childhood. As a child, his father, who was a hero on Earth-2, killed Hunter's mother right in front of him. That led Hunter to go to an orphanage. However, his past traumas came back to haunt him, and Hunter ended up becoming a murderer, taking 23 lives on his Earth. Hunter was sent to a mental institution where he received electroshock therapy. During a session, Hunter tapped into the speed force for the first time and gained his super-speed.

4. Cisco Slowly Embraces His Power

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On Earth-2, Cisco was known as Reverb, a supervillain who Cisco faced in a previous episode. Currently, Cisco's powers aren't at the same level as his doppelganger, but he's working at it. He wants to use his powers to open a breach to Earth-2, but he can't do it on his own. Harrison Wells gives Cisco a pair of glasses, much like Reverb wore, in order to channel into his powers. Towards the end of the episode, Cisco finally opens up a breach to the other world.

3. Iris still has feelings for Barry

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Iris has a big date with her editor at work. This is the first time she's been on a date since her fiance, Eddie, died in the first season. However, Iris doesn't go through with it. She knows that on Earth-2 that she married Barry, and in the future, she's married Barry. Iris says that she feels that her being with Barry is her destiny. This is a turning-point for Iris and her feelings towards Barry.

2. Zoom Holds Wally Ransom for a Price

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Flash is wearing a new device that will make him faster than Zoom. Cisco opens a breach to Earth-2, and after a race between Zoom and the Flash, Zoom knows he can no longer catch the Flash. Zoom does what any bad guy would do, and he kidnaps someone close to the Flash, Wally West. What Zoom wants in return is Flash's speed, for Wally's life. Barry reluctantly agrees, and Harrison Wells helps drain the speed force out of Barry to give to Zoom. However, Zoom takes Caitlin as he leaves STAR Labs.

1. The Whole Jay Garrick/Zoom/Hunter Zolomon Debacle Explained

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If there's one thing that's confused fans of the show, it's the recently deceased Jay Garrick and how he's related to Zoom. Well, strap in because while everything is explained, it's still a confusing ride. Hunter Zolomon explains to Barry and the rest of the STAR Labs team that the person was actually him, from the past. "Jay" was working with Hunter to steal the Flash's speed and was fine with dying because Hunter's plan was so inspiring.

So how is Hunter still around if his past self is dead? It's called a "time remnant." He just exists, and his past-self dying has no effect on him because he's technically not from the future where he died. Frankly, the whole "time remnant" concept on the show is poorly explained. It's easier to raise your suspension of disbelief, smile, and nod because this is a show about people with superpowers.

One major thing that isn't explained is the man in the iron mask that Zoom had locked up on Earth-Two. Zoom tells Barry "you wouldn't believe me if I told you," so hopefully, that will be explained in the upcoming episodes. What this episode did extremely well is make Zoom a three-dimensional character. He's not just a villain. The audience has an understanding of why he is the way he is now.

This was also a big episode for the supporting cast as well. Cisco is moving forward and learning to use his powers. He's always been a great support for the Flash when he's been in need, but he may be even more help in the field if learns to control his new powers. In addition, Iris and Barry have had a tough time getting together, but now, it seems Iris is ready to take the next step forward, since they're both single at this point. Comic book fans are patiently waiting for Wally West to get his speed force powers as well. Could his interactions with Zoom be what gets him to gain super-speed? More importantly, Barry no longer has super-speed. How's he going to get those powers back? We'll find out on next week's episode.