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5 Big Developments From Agents of SHIELD: Season 4, Episode 5 [Spoilers]

SHIELD and Ghost Rider must team up to save Los Angeles from total destruction in "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics."

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD delivers an explosive winter finale. The confrontation between Robbie Reyes' Uncle Eli comes to a head as all of Los Angeles is at risk. SHIELD needs to contain the problem without the media seeing they're working with Ghost Rider and Quake.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 4, Episode 8 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics," will be discussed below.

Mace Finds Out About Aida

With Eli Morrow possessing the power to create matter out of nothing, SHIELD has to bring out their "big guns" to stop him. Director Mace agrees to use Ghost Rider and Daisy Johnson, despite the fact the public can't find out about their involvement. Mace suggests bringing Aida into the mission as well after she helped in the last episode. Coulson decides to reveal she's an android (Life Model Decoy) created by Dr. Radcliffe.

Mace also ends up going into action, using his powers in order to help put a stop to Morrow's plans.

Mack and Elena Discuss Their Relationship

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Since their first meeting, there was a connection between Mack and Elena. Yo-Yo is called into action to help defeat Morrow. Mack becomes protective when Elena is almost killed. Tension ensues as she has become frustrated over his lack of opening up to her. Eventually, he confides he just went to a bad place and is hoping they can still talk. Emotions get the better of them as they kiss after surviving the battle.

Eli and Robbie

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Morrow created a failsafe box which traps Robbie inside. As Robbie begins to transform into Ghost Rider, he's impaled by a carbon spike created by his uncle. The two exchange words over the things they've done. After SHIELD's team is put into motion, Eli ends up inside the box with Ghost Rider. Coulson throws a chain to Robbie to pull him out. Ghost Rider decides to drop the chain and hold onto his uncle. The failsafe goes off but is contained thanks to Aida creating another portal beneath. Unfortunately, both Morrow and Ghost Rider are gone.

Daisy Is Back at SHIELD

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When Morrow gained his powers, he assumed he was able to create matter from nothing. It turned out he was stealing matter from another dimension. Because of this, the results were seismic activity growing in intensity. Daisy was able to absorb some of the energy and had to expel it after the battle was won. Blasted up in the air, she landed in the midst of the surrounding media. Mace quickly stepped in and created a cover story that she was really working undercover in order to take down the anti-Inhuman group, the Watchdogs. She now is back in SHIELD with agent status.

Aida is Evil--Maybe

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Aida proved to be a major asset in these last two missions. She even took bullets aimed at Fitz and Simmons. Her heroic action was intensified by the fact that she was programed to feel pain in order to fit in among humans.

When Mace sent an agent to gather up all the research on her, he discovers something hidden in a closet. Aida comes up from behind, apologizes, and snaps his neck. Inside the closet is an unconscious and bloody Agent May. To add to situation, May is at SHIELD headquarters at the same time. Aida has created another LMD and replaced May before their battle against Morrow. Aida's true plan remains to be seen.

Our Thoughts

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Is Aida evil? That seems to be the obvious outcome. Because of that, perhaps there's another reason for having Agent May replaced. Was May infected by the Darkhold when Coulson gave it to her? This answers what she was doing at the end of last episode. We also have to wonder if Radcliffe is completely in the dark about all this. He seemed a little suspicious as Mace mentioned wanting all his research to take place at headquarters. Perhaps Aida also created one of him.

Update: The promo for the next episode establishes Aida's intentions.

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Ghost Rider appears to be gone. Coulson's remark to Daisy about a previous Ghost Rider being able to return from the dead is an obvious set up for his return. Fans have been asking for a Ghost Rider spin-off show as well. If Robbie does return to Agents of SHIELD, he wouldn't exactly be agent material.

Now that the major plot lines of the first half of the season have been resolved, we'll have to wait until January 10th to find out what's next for the agents. They'll clearly have their hands full with Aida, if her dark intentions get revealed. We still need answers on the Inhuman who was in the cocoon for seven months.