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2000 AD Needs Your Help Finding Judge Dredd Strips

2000 AD needs high resolution versions of a few strips, which collectors may have.

Back in May, 2000 AD asked their readers if they could track down some episodes from the JUDGE DREDD comic strip that ran from 1981-1998 in the Daily Star newspaper. There were around 2,980 episodes from this run, so there's a lot to go through. Fans found almost everything 2000 AD needed, so they could print the first volume of the DAILY DREDDS collection, which will come out later this year.

However, there are still four episodes missing. 2000 AD is making a final appeal for help to find the final strips, which were all drawn by fan favorite artist, Ron Smith. They have low resolution scans, but what they really need is high resolution digital versions or good quality physical versions for reprint.

Here's the missing strips that they need high quality versions of:

17th September 1983: Baffin Island

No Caption Provided

10th December 1983: Manta Tank

No Caption Provided

30th June 1984: Strike Bound

No Caption Provided

4th August 1984: Glaring

No Caption Provided

Again, these are just low-res scans. What they need are high resolution digital versions or good quality physical versions for reprint. If you are a collector or know a collector who may have access to high res versions of these last, remaining strips, e-mail 2000 AD at

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

Hm I don't think I have any but I will take a look through my Dredd stuff.

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Posted By dagmar_merrill

Hope they find them.

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Edited By ccraft

Huh, that's pretty cool, hope someone helps them out

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Posted By TheJudged

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome! :-)