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12 Major Things DC Comics Has Coming in November

DC revealed their solicitations for November, and here's twelve big things coming from the company.

DC Comics released their solicitations for November, which informs fans what comics, collections, and toys will be available in the near future. After going over the information ourselves, we found 12 things that were worth noting for the upcoming month.

Note: DC's collectibles, which includes action figures, statues, and plush toys, are revealed in November's solicitations but not available for purchase until March 2017.

Batman's Suicide Squad Revealed?

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Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Batman writer Tom King revealed that Batman will form his own Suicide Squad in an upcoming story. In the solicits for issues #10 and #11, it seems Batman will put his own team together to infiltrate Santa Prisca, to take on Bane, the villain who once broke his back. The cover of issue #10, drawn by Mikel Janin, seemingly shows off Batman's team, which is made up of a few recognizable faces, including Catwoman, and a few that haven't been in comics in quite some time, like Jester.

The Shade Returns

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Batman isn't the only series that has absent characters returning. The man who controls the shadows and darkness, The Shade, returns in The Flash. According to the solicit, both Flash and Kid Flash will try to escape the Shadowlands in their first adventure together, starting in issue #10.

Prez Returns

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Teenage president, Beth Ross, returns to comics in the upcoming one-shot Catwoman: Election Night. In the main story, Catwoman gets involved in Gotham City politics after things get a little personal. However, the back-up will contain a short story about President Ross, featuring the return of the creative team from the last volume: Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell.

New Series: Mother Panic

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The newest series from DC's new imprint, Young Animal, is titled Mother Panic. Up and coming writer Jody Houser teams with artist Tommy Lee Edwards on this new book, which takes place in Gotham City. The comic's main character, Violet Paige, is a bored heiress with a traumatic childhood. She seeks to get revenge on her peers as the vigilante Mother Panic in this mature readers series.

New One-Shot: New Talent Showcase

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DC usually has a couple of one-shot comics each month, but New Talent Showcase is doing something different. Each of the writers of the stories in the book are graduates of the inaugural DC Talent Development workshop, learning from the top creators currently at DC. These fresh voices take on some of DC's biggest characters in this 80 page comic.

New Series: Super Powers

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Award-winning creators Art Baltazar and Franco have a new book: Super Powers. They're taking their distinctive writing and art style to this new all-ages series, which will follow DC's Trinity: Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The two creators bring a great sense of humor to their books, like their previous series Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures.

Series Ending: Red Thorn

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Sadly, the Scottish mythological journey comes to an end with issue #13. Cadros and Thorn are taking each other on for the very last time, as Isla's powers grow. This has been a series that has flown under the radar. However, it offered a unique voice and concept for a Vertigo book. You can check out the final issue when it hits stores on November 16.

Series Ending: Doctor Fate

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One of the final books from the latter part of the New 52 comes to an end this week. Issue #18 marks the end of Doctor Fate. Writer Paul Levitz and artist Brendan McCarthy draw the series to its finale as the Dreamspinners threaten Earth, while Khalid struggles to find the power to survive.

Mini-Series Ending: Sheriff of Babylon

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This wasn't a surprise, as Sheriff of Babylon was slated to end at issue #12. The story came out of writer Tom King's experiences when he was working for the CIA in Iraq. The critically-acclaimed mini-series is sure to pack a huge punch as it closes. King and artist Mitch Gerads bid farewell to the book on November 2.

The Many Faces of Batman Toy

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The newest Batman figure, based on Batman: The Animated Series, is pretty cool. This $50 figure, available for pre-order now with a March release date, allows you to change Batman's head to show off different expressions. It is six inches high and comes with a slew of accessories.

DC Bombshells: Jesse Quick Statue

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DC's Bombshells line, which reimagines some of DC's characters as pin-ups, is releasing a Jesse Quick statue in March, which you can pre-order now. Ant Lucia designed this 10.5 inch tall statue, which is limited to 5,000 and will cost $125.

New DC Super-Pets Plush Toys

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Finally, Art Baltazar designed a few new plush dolls available in March, based on the Super-Pets concepts. First is Crackers and Giggles--Harley Quinn's pets--which will cost $15 for the pair. In addition, Damian Wayne's sidekick, Bat-Cow also gets his own plush toy for $15.