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10 Things We Learned About the New Spider-Man From Civil War

We have a new Spider-Man and a new movie coming in 2017. After his debut in Captain America: Civil War, here's what sort of Spidey we'll have. [Spoilers]

With the release of Captain America: Civil War, we now have a new Spider-Man on the big screen. This Spider-Man exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means he can freely interact with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the big screen Avengers. Tom Holland will play the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and the question is, how will his Spidey compare to previous cinematic Spideys Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and the comic version? Here's everything we know about the new wallcrawler based on his recent appearance.

Warning: Spoilers for Captain America: Civil War will be discussed below.

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Tom Holland's version is fantastic. Whenever we see a comic character translated onto the big screen, changes are expected. Since there isn't time to give Spider-Man a proper origin in the middle of Civil War, a lot has to be established and his existence needs to fit into the Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios successfully brought his character to life.

  • This Peter Parker lives in Queens. In the comics, Peter grew up in Forest Hills, Queens.
  • Tony Stark knows Peter has powers. Stark hasn't been an active member of the Avengers so it makes sense he would have time and could keep an eye out if someone with special abilities popped up. With Stark's resources, he could easily track down the identity and location of a kid that's new to the world of heroes and secret identities.
  • Peter made his own webbing and web-shooters. Spider-Man has always been brilliant. The idea of natural webbing (as seen in the original Spider-Man trilogy) is a little gross. By having Peter create the formula for the webbing, he'll be able to continue making more and not have to rely on anyone.
  • Stark wants to give Spidey an upgrade. In Civil War, Peter had been fighting crime in a makeshift outfit. When he makes his debut before the big fight in the airport scene in Civil War, he has a fancy new suit with a new logo for the movies. He has a utility belt as well.
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  • Aunt May doesn't know Peter is Spider-Man. This is usually the case in the different incarnations we've had over the years in film and comics. Aunt May is very protective of Peter, and he says she'd "freak out" if she knew.
  • Peter has had his powers for about six months. There's no origin here. We'll likely see it in the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming movie. Peter says it's "a long story." Hopefully the story and retelling of his origin won't be too long in the next movie. Peter tells Tony he wants to help those in need.
  • Spider-Man is easily distracted. He's new to this world of superpowers. In the middle of the airport fight in Civil War, he can't help but be in awe of the heroes.
  • Spider-Man's strength is shown. This is something that often varies in comics. He has the "proportional strength of a spider" and maybe that's not clear enough for some writers. It was fantastic to see him do some heavy lifting and deliver some hefty blows.
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  • Spider-Man makes a lot of jokes and quips. In the comics, Spidey would make jokes to cover his nervousness and to annoy/distract his enemies. It looks like this Spidey does the exact same thing.
  • Spider-Man gets an upgraded web-shooter from Stark at the end of the film. This new web-shooter has the Spider-Signal, a device used in the early issues of the comics. The signal originally appeared on his belt, kept beneath his shirt.
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With the the newly designed web-shooter, we'll have to wait and see what else it does besides shoot webs and shine the signal. In the recent Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, Spider-Man has high-tech web-shooters designed by S.H.I.E.L.D. They look a little large but has cloaking technology so it doesn't appear to stick out so much.

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This just might be the best live-action version of Spider-Man we've had. After watching Captain America: Civil War, you can't help but want more Spidey action. It's going to be a long wait until July 2017.