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10 Comics to Buy This Week: 6/20/2012

An unfunny comedian, a X-wedding, the Phoenix Corps and the return of Saaaaggaaaaaa.

Welcome back to 10 Comics to Buy This Week. As you're probably well aware, there are a metric crap-ton of comic books hitting shelves every single week. And for the common consumer, it's financially impossible to pick up everything. That's where this column steps in like your superhero savior, drawing your attention to 10 books worth your hard-earned dollars during any given week.

We not only going to spotlight tights and capes books, but also some indie titles off the beaten path, which, if all goes well, will broaden your reading horizons.

Astonishing X-Men #51

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After all the hullabaloo surrounding Northstar’s proposal to Kyle Jinadu, it’s finally time to get to the actual wedding itself. However, before that can happen, Northstar is going to have to rescue his boyfriend, who was kidnapped at the conclusion of issue #50.

Marjorie Liu and artist Mike Perkins have their work cut out for them this issue. Not only do they have to show the X-Men find and rescue Kyle, but they also have to jam the actual wedding in there somewhere as well. It’s a lot to pack into a single issue, but we’re excited to see how it all goes down.

Avengers vs. X-Men #6

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It’s the start of Act Two. After the twist in last month’s issue revealing the Phoenix Force wasn’t after Hope at all, but instead a bunch of extremist mutants who are now endowed with the power of a planet crusher, things have taken a grim turn for the Avengers. How can Iron Man, Captain America and even Thor hope to compete against such force? Pick up this issue written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Olivier Coipel to find out.

All hail Cy-wing!

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1

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So far, we’re two for two with the Before Watchmen titles; Minutemen was incredible, and Silk Spectre provided a solid start. Now it’s time for the Comedian to step up to bat (get it?!).

Brian Azzarello and J.G. Jones kick off their series spotlighting the Comedian this week, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be dark and cynical. You know, perfectly Watchmen. Here’s hoping it has just as good of a start as the previous two series.

Daredevil #14

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Daredevil has found himself between a rock and a hard place, that hard place being Latveria, the home of Doctor Doom. Mark Waid and artist Khoi Pham continue “Megacrime and Punishment” in one of the best series currently hitting shelves.

With Matt stuck in the house that Doom built, Foggy continues to dig deeper into Matt’s psychological fragile mindset. What he discovers will make him further realize Matt is far from fine. Those skeletons are still trying to claw their way out of Matt’s closet.

Grim Leaper #2

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Lou has been struck with Cupid’s arrow. There’s only one problem: Lou has to find his true love’s next host body before he himself gets murdered in sure-to-be-gruesome fashion.

It’s a race against the clock for Lou as he sets out to track down Ella. However, there’s an evil force hiding behind the shadows trying to stop love at first sight from blossoming. By any means necessary.

Nightwing #10

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It’s the start of a new arc in Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows’ Nightwing. Welcome to “The Republic of Tomorrow, Today.” While investigating a double murder in Old Gotham, Nightwing discovers a piece of his costume is being considered as evidence. Oh, snap! Nightwing #10 will also introduce a new villain – Paragon.

Judging by the book’s cover, things are going to go so well for Bruce’s oldest ward.

Punisher #12

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Advertised as the perfect jumping-on point for new readers, Punisher #12 will present a Punisher world post “The Omega Effect” crossover. Frank catches up with Rachel Colve-Alves and things don’t go so well. Frank Castle might be a murderous vigilante, but he still has a code; a code that Rachel stabbed in the back. Now it’s time to get down to the bottom of why that was, Punisher style.

Saga #4

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Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples continue their sci-fi epic with a trip to Sextillion, the one place in the universe where a freelance bounty hunter can find love. Or, well, something that resembles it. (Lying)

Saga has been one of our favorite creator-owned series coming out, and there is a lot of competition to speak of, especially from Image. Vaughan and Staples are creating some truly remarkable characters amidst a universe where literally anything and everything is possible.

If you haven’t bought into the hype yet, stop being a total comics hipster and sip the Kool-Aid. It’s totally tasty.

Walking Dead #99

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We’re so close to issue #100 we can taste it. For their 99 issue, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard plan to hit us with the unexpected. But for a series like The Walking Dead, that’s exactly what we expect. Especially as we inch closer to the landmark 100 issue. Expect major plot developments -- and some deaths, probably -- in this week’s issue.

Wonder Woman #10

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It’s a Brian Azzarello double feature this week. Azzarello is joined by artist Tony Akins for Wonder Woman #10, featuring Diana trapped in hell. After being shot through the heart, Diana is transported to the underworld, and it’s up to her half-brother, Lennox, to rescue her.

If you haven’t been reading Azzarello’s take on the Wonder Woman mythos, you’ve made a huge mistake. Get caught up and pick up issue #10 this Wednesday.

Erik Norris is a freelance writer for sites such as ComicVine, IGN and You can stalk him on Twitter @Regular_Erik.