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10 Comics to Buy This Week: 2/29/2012

Here are ten titles worth having on your pull list this week.

It's that time again. Each week there is a ton of books that come out and it's always a tough decision in deciding which titles to spend your hard-earned money on. In order to help you out, we scour over the list and let you know which books you should check out.

Some of these will be obvious choices and other might be ones you wouldn't normally consider. People are sometimes looking for something new and with this being the fifth Wednesday of the month, it's the prefect time to try some new stuff.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

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It's the return of Terry McGinnis, (old) Bruce Wayne, Ace the dog and all those futuristic bad guys you've come to love. Not only is this the return of Terry but also the return of Norm Breyfogle! Adam Beechen is back as well. Beechen has been successfully bringing us Batman Beyond stories for the last couple years. You can bet he has plenty more stories to tell.

You might have noticed that this is an oversized issue. That's because it also contains the debut of Justice League Beyond by Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs.

Justice League #6

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It's the end of the first arc. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee bring the conclusion to the story that sets the stage for the "New 52" universe.

Darkseid has been revealed and the team has finally come together, just in time to be defeated. Is this the end of the team? Obviously not since this story is set 'five years ago.'

You can bet there will be plenty of big action scenes that will get you jumping out of your seat as you cheer the heroes on.

Shade #5

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The Shade has been on a grand adventure since someone sent Deathstroke to assassinate him. James Robinson is taking Shade to Barcelona which leads to getting mixed up in an old feud between vampires. That always puts a damper on your vacation plans.

There is something to this vampire feud as it turns out it will have something to do with Shade's origin.

Tony Harris provides another glorious cover and Javier Pulido handles the art on the interior.

G.I. Joe Annual #1

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G.I. Joe comics have gone through a few different incarnations over the year but thankfully IDW decided to devote one series to the original continuity. What makes it even sweeter is having original G.I. JOE writer, Larry Hama on board.

Joining Hama on art duties is Ron Frenz, Ron Wagner and Herb Trimpe (along with Sal Buscema on inks).

The story deals with a rogue squad of Crimson Guardsmen. G.I. Joe aren't the only ones hunting them down as Zartan and the Dreadnoks have also been put on their trail.

Darkness #100

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It's not often a comic series makes it to its hundredth issue. Big things have been going on in the Top Cow Universe and you can expect things won't be the same for Jackie Estacado. The series might have done one of those fancy re-numbering bits but this marks 100 issues of the Darkness.

Phil Hester has been on board this series throughout this entire volume (since 2007) and now he's prepared to say goodbye. You'll want to see what sort of send-off he gives Jackie in this milestone issue.

Invincible #89

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Invincible continues to be one of the best superhero comics you could buy. Month after month, Robert Kirkman keeps the action and suspense going. With Ryan Ottley on art, you should do yourself a favor and pick up the trades if you've somehow missed out on this series.

This issue promises that "Everything is different now!" If you check out the cover, you can see there's someone else in the Invincible costume. You'll want to see what this is all about and what Kirkman has planned.

Walking Dead #94

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Two titles from Kirkman. No surprise. Just as it shouldn't be a surprise how much I enjoy this series each month. I keep being surprised that this series has been going on for nearly 100 issues with a focus on zombies and survival.

One of the greatest things in the series is seeing how the survivors manage to make it in their little part of the world. Now that the idea of what else could be out there has been laid out, who knows what could result from this?

Amazing Spider-Man #680

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We've seen Spider-Man do heroic things all over the world but it's not very often we see him get the chance to be a hero off the planet.

John Jameson is in trouble...again. Of course Spidey is the only one that can save him...again.

Dan Slott has been killing it on this series. You can bet this issue will be a blast. Giuseppe Camuncoli joins Slott as Doc Ock begins his plan against Spider-Man. Apparently there's also a super-secret guest star. Who could it be?!?

Moon Knight #10

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The end of Moon Knight is almost here. Strangely I haven't been thrilled with Brian Bendis making Moon Knight so crazy but the series has been so dang good. With the way last issue ended and the promise of one of his 'new' personalities taking control, it's going to be a wild time in L.A.

With the series concluded after issue #12, there's no saying what Bendis and Alex Maleev have in store for Moon Knight.

Venom #13.4

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It's all coming to a head as the "Circle of Four" story nears its conclusion. Venom, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk and X-23 have to do what they can to save mankind.

Rick Remender is on writing duties with art by Lan Medina. With X-23 and Ghost Rider no longer having their own series, who knows what sacrifices they might have to make.

We'll also find out the answer to the question of whether or not X-23 has a soul.