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Arthur is the Jewish sidekick of The Tick, and fights crime in The City. He uses a flying suit to dispense his moth-like justice!


Arthur's origins are simple. He was a clerk in The City, and now he's a superhero of The City. While in the... clerking business, Arthur was unhappy. He felt a certain calling. He knew there was more to life than just crunching numbers. Arthur decided to become a superhero, or at least, one without powers. So, he purchased a flying suit, designed to resemble a moth, at an auction. Arthur's first encounter with The Tick was no mere coincidence. In fact, Arthur follows Tick's work, and chooses to make his appearance when he's needed most. While Tick is having a chat with Shing, a ninja, Arthur shows up and tosses a Japanese Artifact to Tick, explains what it is, and then flies away. He returns to Tick the next day to continue helping him with the Ninja problem. Soon afterward, Arthur requests to join Tick, as his sidekick, in the fight against crime. He reasons that the Tick is like an adventuring magnet, and will give his life some excitement. Tick accepts, and so begins one of the greatest duos in comics history, as they immediately set up base in Arthur's apartment. It is worth mentioning that Arthur has a sister, Dot, and is also the uncle of her children.


Arthur does not have any real superpowers, and he isn't entirely brave, either. This can be witnessed in his glorious battle-cry, "Not in the face! Not in the face!" However, what he lacks in moxie, he more than makes up for with smarts. Arthur has displayed a wide, general knowledge of everything, including that of Japanese lore. Yet, intelligence is not his only weapon against the villains of The City. Arthur's flying suit is a very advanced piece of technology. It really only consists of a full body suit, a pair of goggles, and wings. When used properly, this suit grants flight to the wearer, and Arthur has mastered it. He flies through the sky with ease, battling evil with the Tick.

Arthur in the Media

Along with Tick, Arthur appears in both television show adaptations. In the live action show, he is portrayed by David Burke. This Arthur is essentially the same, but his origins differ. On the show, Arthur meets the Tick when he is surrounded by Russians and calls for help. Tick comes to his aid and the two become fast friends. In the animated show, Arthur's origins are altered, again. This time, Arthur is walking on a sidewalk, when Tick comes crashing down from above. Arthur is very impressed with the fall, and after the duo stop a robbery, they team up for good.


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