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Dr. Nagan performing a transplant.
Dr. Nagan performing a transplant.

Dr. Arthur Nagan was a surgeon famous for successfully transplanting animal organs into foreign species. After an experiment involving a sheep and a dog proved successful, Nagan decided to attempt to transplant gorilla organs into a human being with the aid of a serum he had concocted. Nagan believed that he could get rich by implanting gorilla organs in the elder and set up a base in Africa.

Nagan claimed that aside from the brain, gorillas were superior to humans in every way. He and some locals captured a gorilla and harvested all of its organs with the exception of the brain, replacing them with sickly human organs. The gorilla later escaped and Nagan went off after it, only to disappear.

A Gorilla Man Emerges!
A Gorilla Man Emerges!

Six days later, a search party was frantically combing the jungle, looking for Nagan when he appeared with a group of gorilla that he had seize the members of the search party and strip them for surgery. Nagan then revealed that the escaped gorilla had informed the other gorillas in the area of Nagan's plan and that the only part of a human that was superior to a gorilla was a human brain. The apes had captured him and transplanted his head onto a gorilla's body, and he planned to do the same with the captive search party.


Gorilla man was created by Bob Powell and an unknown writer for a story in Mystery Tales in 1954.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his gorilla body, Nagan is still a gifted surgeon who can transplant almost any living tissue in another organism.

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