Arthur Hall

    Character » Arthur Hall appears in 51 issues.

    Arthur Hall is a former New York City police captain and Mayor.

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    Character History

    Arthur Hall's career with the NYPD and Mayor's office brought him into frequent contact with the New Teen Titans and the Vigilante. Vigilante became a thorn in the side of Hall when he killed Warner Quilt and Brand. Later Vigilante attempted to kill a violent man named William Stryker while in police custody. This forced Hall to get some super powered help.

    Hall called in the Teen Titans for help and Cyborg volunteered to look over the criminal and keep him alive. Cyborg and Vigilante fought until Cyborg was able to convince him not to kill as a first option.

    When the Vigilante became a wanted felon, Captain Hall led the task force charged with bringing him down. Hall got the drop on the Vigilante, but Adrian's instincts took control over him, and he was thought to have shot Hall dead.

    Instead, he was rushed to the hospital and eventually recovered, reclaiming his position as police captain. Later in life, he would be made mayor of New York City.


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