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    Grandfather of Neptune Perkins.

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    This story begins over 100 years ago

    Arthur Gordon Pym was a sailor on a topsail schooner named Jane Guy on 1827. The ship was on the edge of the Arctic Circle on a quest for seals and their fur. On January 18, the crew dragged aboard a strange animal which resembled a cat mixed with a dog. The animal had white silky fur. However, it had scarlet claws and teeth. Pym would later come to find out this was a transformed Dzyan.

    The next day the ship encountered four canoes crewed by men with jet black skin who spoke a strange language. These native people led the ship to their island, Tsalal. The crew of the Jane Guy remained in the area for some time. The men visited the native’s village and conducted some trading. Most of the crew were killed while being escorted through a narrow gorge when a man-made avalanche was hurtled suddenly upon them.

    Pym and his crew mate Dirk Peters were no aboard the ship. They were the only personnel to survive this act of treachery by the Tsalalians. The two men wandered until they came across a lone Tsalalian. Pym and Peters captured this man. They forced him to assist them in stealing a canoe. The three men sailed North in the hopes of finding another ship. The captive died during this trip. The men finally reached land again. However, they had all but given up any hope of finding assistance.

    The men found themselves rescued by a tall humanoid being with pale white skin and at least seven feet tall. This would be Pym’s first actual encounter with a Dzyan. The Dzyan led Pym and Peters back to the Dzyan encampment. Peters and Pym spent the next eight years first learning the language of the Dzyan and then learning the secret of the Vril. Under the tutelage of the Dzyan, Pym and Peters were able to acquire some slight skill in manipulating their own Vril.

    To America

    Pym and Peters did not truly feel at home with the Dzyan. The two men used their Vril to power a boat. They were eventually picked up by a passing ship. They made their way to America. Pym confided a small aspect of his story to Edgar Allan Poe. Poe would go on to publish this story as a work of fiction called, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket in 1938. This revelation resulted in a falling out between Pym and Peters. The two men had a terrible battle. Using their own store of Vril, the men had an epic battle conducted between psychic avatars. The battle lasted several days and nights as their bodies stood motionless. Pym proved himself more proficient in the use of Vril. He defeated Peters. Peters died during the battle. However, Pym acquired the Vril abilities of Peters. He finished the battle far stronger than he had been prior.

    Pym returned to the Dzyan. The addition of Peters’ abilities and his natural human aggressiveness allowed Pym to mentally control the Dzyan. Dzyan did not possess or understand aggressiveness. During this time, Pym who was known as Argor by the Dzyan, would take a Dzyan mate, Kalla. Argor had the Dzyan build him a Vril powered undersea boat. He would name the vehicle the Nautilus. Using the name Captain Nemo, Argor brought terror upon sea-faring vessels. The Nautilus was destroyed by a maelstrom. Although the ship was destroyed, Argor was sustained by the Vril. He survived the loss of his ship. He returned to America in 1890. He took the name Perkins and married a wealthy young woman. She bore him a son. However, she died during childbirth. Argor named the boy Ross. He returned with his son to the city of the Dzyan. The Dzyan accepted the child. However, the child did not manifest any Vril abilities. The child lacked the required physical maturity. In addition, the boy was miserable living in such a strange place. The child was sent back to America at a young age. The boy would attend educated at expensive boarding schools and never see his father again. The boy grew to manhood never forgetting his father. Argor still remained youthful due to Vril.

    In 1910, Argor traded information with the Kaiser prior to the first world war in exchange for the materials required to build a huge Vril powered artificial island. Krupp Industrial works was used by Argor to build this floating base. The base was two kilometers long and 700 meters high. It was hidden by a layer of synthetically generated ice. He named it Leviathan. Argor used Leviathan to sink the Titanic in order to steal the large quantities of gold aboard.

    However, Ross detected the handiwork of father in this and other events. He decided to dedicate himself to stopping his father. He believed his father had been corrupted by the Vril. Ross used his inheritance from his mother to find the secret island his father used as Captain Nemo. On the island, he found a container storing a physical form of the Vril that his father had learned to create. Ross returned to America with the container. He would meet a young female who was a survivor of the Titanic. The two would get married. Both wanted revenge against Argor. They used the Vril container to conceive a child who would be the instrument of their revenge. That child would grow up to be Neptune Perkins of the Young All-Stars and All-Star Squadron.

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    During the second World War, Argor would be betrayed by his Dzyan mate, Kalla. Argor was beginning to age. Kalla believed the blood of his grandson, Neptune Perkins, would help restore him. She made a deal with members of the Nazi Black Order. She would deplete Argor’s Vril. This would allow the group to storm Leviathan without opposition from Argor. Kalla was allowed to escape in order to return with Perkins. She did return with Perkins. However, she was crossed by the Nazis. They had no intention of letting Argor be rejuvenated. One of the Nazi’s Dr Thule immersed himself in a container of the physical Vril. He exited with Vril abilities. He was able to control the Dzyan. Argor was finally able to stop Thule by sacrificing himself. Argor allowed Thule to absorb his Vril. During the absorption, Argor separated himself from the Vril of Dirk Peters. This caused a massive explosion that killed Thule. This also depleted Argor’s own Vril. He died at the scene.

    Powers and Abilities

    Arthur Gordon Pym’s mastery of Vril enabled him to live over 100 years. He was able to conduct a psychic battle utilizing some form of astral projection. His human aggressiveness allowed him to mentally dominate the Dzyan. He was able to compel them to do his bidding. Vril also allowed him to power boats on the open see. It also allowed him to survive the Nautilus being destroyed in a maelstrom.


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