Arthur Eld

    Character » Arthur Eld appears in 7 issues.

    High King of All-World and Guardian of the Dark Tower.

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    Brief History

    It is said that over a thousand years after the great Cataclysm, Arthur Eld, using guns foraged from the blue steel of the sword Excalibur, led the people of Mid-World to rise up and reclaim their societies from Maerlyn and the Prim. With the world at peace, Arthur Eld as crowned as High King of All-World in the city of Gilead. The seventy years in which Arthur Eld was High King of All-World is known as the Golden Age; this level of prosperity had never been seen before, and was never seen again after.

    During an encounter with Maerlyn, Arthur Eld mistakenly impregnated the Crimson Queen and she bore the Crimson King from that union. As Queen Rowena of Gilead was barren, this was Arthur Eld's only male child until years later when he fathered a child to his late adviser's daughter, Emmanuelle Deschain. This was the beginning of the Line of Eld and would produce both Steven and Roland Deschain.


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