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Born during the early years of the 1900's he was subjected to a procedure  first pioneered by a Nazi vampire named Baron Blood.  It afforded him the ability to withstand the rays of the sun.
After the war he moved across the world amassing a small fortune and later settled at an exclusive boarding school for girls nestled in the swiss alps. Here him and his coven, himself and his secretary, fed on the boarding school students and some they even turned into vampires like themselves. 
Everything was perfect and no one questioned the strange random deaths that occurred there. That is until mutant student Monet St.croix arrived.

The End

Mister DeLacourte first came to M's attention when her classmate Tabby (Tabitha Gance) was killed, mysteriously found with two small puncture marks in her neck. he tried to fool the student body into believing it was just a normal death but M was not convinced.
To put an end to the troublemaker DeLacourte invited Monet to his office late one night so he could feast on her. He tried to use hypnosis on her but her powers of telepathy counteracted this. He did however succeed in biting her  though her strength was more than a match for his own. 
He was then forced to avoid the polices questions and he revealed his immunity to sunlight to Monet.  That night he tried to feed on another student and him and Monet engaged in battle. She manged to stake not just him but also his secretary. Thus putting an end to his reign.


All the conventional powers possessed by Vampires as well as complete immunity to the effects of sunlight.


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