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    Artemis is one of the guardian cats that appear in the manga/anime/live action series of Sailor Moon. 

    He is the white cat of Minako Aino who gave her the power to turn into Sailor Venus. He acts much like the male version of Luna towards Minako, being a sort of guardian towards her and often offering her advice to the young heroin. Unlike Luna's memory Artemis' memory of the Silver Millennium is more clearer to him. He even helped out Luna before showing who he was by using a video game in a arcade, this game was called Sailor V, but managed to do so by never reviling himself to her. Once Luna and the others find out who he is he then fills in everyone in the details of their true mission. 

    While Luna is more controlling and demanding Artemis is more opposite. He is more laid back and tries to let the Scouts try to figure things out on their own rather than telling them what to do like Luna does. Unlike Luna who acts like a mother towards Usagi, Artemis acts more of a big brother towards Minako, giving the two a better relationship with each other. But even though the two are quite different it turns out that he cares very deeply towards Luna in more ways than one. He is often seen comforting her when she is stressing about something or off worrying about the scouts while they are off on a mission. It also shows later on in the sears that he is also a decent father towards his and Luna's child, Diana. 

    Unlike Luna, Artemis has been seen giving special items to each of the Senshi, However, he cannot produce the times himself like Luna can. 

    While Artemis has green eyes in the manga and live-action series, he ends up having blue eyes in the anime.

    First Appearances:

    • Sailor V Manga: Act 1
    • Sailor Moon Manga: Act 7
    • Sailor Moon Anime: Episode 33
    • Sailor Moon Anime (Dubbed): Episode 1
    • Sailor Moon Live Action series: Act 11

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