Artemis Entreri

    Character » Artemis Entreri appears in 14 issues.

    A dangerous assassin and the mortal enemy of Drizzt Do'Urden. Artemis is a male who stands 5'5" and weights about 150 pounds. He is a trained killer with dark raven hair.

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    Artemis was born on the streets of Calimshan, and quickly learned the art of being thief and a warrior. He quickly became one of the best assassins in the land, and favored by Pasha Pook. He fights with two weapons a small dagger, and a longsword, both are magical.

    His journey first starts off with a job given to him by Pasha to track down Regis the halfling. For he had stolen something from him and he wanted it back. Entreri followed him all the way north to the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. When he arrived there he had just missed Regis as he set out with Drizzt and his fellow friends. Making the most of a bad oppertunity he took Catti-brie hostage as he went to follow his prey.

    Tracking them south he came upon the city of Luskan. Also known as the Pirate City. There he once again missed Regis and his friends, but got tied up in an alliance with the Wizards there. Together Artemis set out with Jeirdan, Sydney, and a golem named Bok. Soon Catti-brie escaped them and warned Drizzt about thier pursuers.

    Now inside of Mithral Hall Artmis found his greatest rival, a dark elf named Drizzt. They fought in the depths of Mithral Hall to a stalemate, as they both were taken by the ground as it collapsed. When they came to Artemis had taken Drizzt's swords and they made a truce. They would have to work together if they were to escape the dark of Mithral Halls dungeons. Together they worked fiercly and the druegar were no match.

    As the escaped the lower depths Artemis then backstabbed Drizzt knocking him out. During the fighting he managed to capture Regis and made his way out of the Hall. He stopped only to give Drizzt a warning. He told him where he was headed and for him to follow if he ever wanted to see Regis alive. When Drizzt tried to bluff Artemis that he did not care for Regis he pulled out a small figureine. He had taken Guenhwyvar from him. He told him if you do not want to come for the halfling, then come for this. Then Artemis vanished into the darkness of the halls.


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