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Real name: Arthur "Art" Rosenbaum

Occupation: Tailor

Identity: Known to the population at large and his regular customers as the proprietor of the "Tailor Shoppe", his work designing and creating suits for superheroes is unknown to the general public.

Legal status: Citizen of the U.S. with no criminal record

Former aliases: None

Place of birth: Unrevealed

Marital status: Unrevealed

Known relatives: None

Group affiliations: The superhero community

Base of operations: The Tailor Shoppe

Art is not only skilled in the use of design and fashion, but also as a Physicist and Engineer. He employs his latter skills to devise super-powered battle-suits as needed by his customer base. His skills in making superhero costumes is much sought after.

In Other Media

Arthur "Art" Rosenbaum appears in the first episode of Invincible Motion Comic.

Arthur "Art" Rosenbaum appears in the first animated episode of Invincible on Amazon Prime Video. Voiced by Mark Hamill.


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