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    Volume » Published by A Silent Comics Inc. Started in 1998.

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    Arsenic Lullaby was an ongoing anthology comic published by its writer/artist Douglas Pazkiewicz. Often praised for its dark humor, the series would be nominated for both a Harvey and Eisner award and even be picked by Wizard Magazine as the "On the Edge Pick of the Month".


    The series would see a change in publishers near the end of its run, although the first twelve issues were published at a fairly steady rate, the thirteenth and fourteenth came out a lot slower and the latter of the two was originally solicited as the final issue of the series. Arsenic Lullaby's humor (and characters) would live on in a few spin-offs before the series returned (with a new publisher) and lasted another three issues before ending after a seventeen issue run.


    Arsenic Lullaby has had several spin-offs through its run, some carrying its name while others had more unique names.


    Arsenic Lullaby has also been collected in various trades/hardcovers, the newer ones tending to make the older obsolete, as such they have been listed by order of current relevance.


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