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As Nimrod Starnge

Nimrod Strange was a former member of Black September, the Red Army, Black Hand and numerous other terrorist groups before taking command of the Third World Slayers, also known as the Third World Army. He was always surrounded by three beautiful female bodyguards: one black, one white and one Asian. His way of symbolizing the coalition of the three major factions in his Third World Slayers. He came to the attention of Moon Knight when he sent his top assassin, Master Sniper, to kill his long time friend Benjamin Abramon. Moon Knight systematically took apart his Elite Slayers, Nimrod's group of top assassins, and then set his eyes on Nimrod himself, who had now donned the guise of Arsenal.

Arsenal's island base was infiltrated by Moon Knight and Frenchie, while one of his personal bodyguards were replaced by Marlene Alraune. His plans of training new recruits to prepare for his war was thwarted forcing him to flee the island. Arsenal refused to quit. He headed for New York to continue with his "Manhattan Plan". His plan was to hijack four oil tankers and place them strategically around Manhattan. Once in place he would release the oil and destroy the tankers, isolating Manhattan from the outside world and killing thousands with the ensuing fires. He was foiled by Moon Knight once more, but instead of being captured he set off the tankers explosives while he was on board.

As Arsenal

Height: 6 ft. 4 in.

Weight: 220 lbs.

Arsenal wore a protective helmet which had a high intensity head lamp attached to the top. His right forearm concealed a garrote and his left forearm had a mounted wrist rifle. He carried Nunchaku and a shotgun as well as having a belt of grenades around his waist.


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