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    Arrowette is one of the few superheroes to retire and have it stick. After serving valiantly alongside Young Justice, she now lives the life of a normal girl... who happens to be an Olympic gold medalist.

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    Heroism seems to run in Arrowette's family. Her mother was Miss Arrowette. Her father has never been positively identified, though her mother has claimed that it is Green Arrow. Cissie's childhood was spent preparing for her life's mission: to be a super hero. Arrowette appeared in Impulse #59 as Impulse's date in the Valentine's dance. Her career as an adventurer began in a battle against the Spazz in Manchester, Alabama. Impulse and Max Mercury were on hand to help, but Mercury later pressed child endangerment charges against Bonnie. The charges stuck, and Cissie was remanded to the custody of the Elias School and Dr. Marcy Money. It looked as if Cissie's super hero career was over. Dr. Money inadvertently gave Cissie the idea that she could be a better hero than her mother. This thought seemed to inspire Cissie to resume her career as Arrowette.

    Major Story Arcs

    Young Justice

    Arrowette joined Young Justice during the team's first conflict with Harm. In that battle, Harm caught one of Cissie's arrows and threw it right back at her, seriously wounding her shoulder. The Super-Cycle rescued her and brought her back to Happy Harbor. The team's care for her prompted her to become a member.

    Shortly after, the murder of Dr. Marcy Money turned Arrowette's world inside out. Blinded by rage, she hunted the doctor's murderer, following him and his accomplice into the Pennsylvania woods. After subduing the accomplice, she proceeded to re-enact Dr. Money's murder. But this time, the killer was on the receiving end. He begged for mercy and threw away his weapon. Cissie could have captured him, but instead she fired an arrow directly at his heart. The blow surely would have killed him if Superboy hadn't arrived in the knick of time, snatching the arrow out of the air.

    A Normal Girl again

    Soon thereafter, Cissie quit Young Justice and has abandoned her Arrowette persona. Cissie now has to do what her mother never allowed her to do: decide for herself what she is going to be.

    After leaving Young Justice she went on to win a gold medal for America in the Olympics for Archery. Although not a member of the team she continued to have close relationships with them, especially her best friend, Wonder Girl. She was with Young Justice as the team's medic during the "Our Worlds At War" Galactic Crisis, and acted as the team's pitcher in an intergalactic baseball game with worlds in the balance.

    Cissie now attends St. Elias' School for Girls - along with Greta Hayes (Secret) and Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl). Cissie appeared in Teen Titans #7 (vol.3) negotiating with the principal of St.Elias' school about allowing Wonder Girl to enroll in the school along with Secret.

    Young Justice, namely Superboy and Impulse, have been trying to encourage her to get back in the game. The only time she went into costume again is when she helped Wonder Girl, her best friend. Wonder Girl's mother was kidnapped. So, Cissie dressed up as Arrowette to help her friend. She told Robin that this reminded her of old times.

    Personal Information

    • Status: Hero
    • Real Name: Cissie King-Jones
    • Occupation: Student
    • Base: Western Pennsylvania
    • Height: 5ft 7in
    • Weight: 107lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Blonde

    Powers and Abilities

    Arrowette is an Olympic-level archer and athlete. She was trained from an early age to become one of the world's greatest archers. She has a variety of trick arrows that she uses such as classic arrows, boxing glove arrows, oil slick arrows, freeze arrows, and even a few sillier ones such as perfume arrows that her mother made her use. Arrowette is also skilled in kick boxing and other hand to hand combat although her skills are best put to use when she's arching from a distance.

    Other Media


    Young Justice

    Young Justice
    Young Justice

    A young Cissie makes a cameo appearance in the Young Justice episode "Insecurity." In the episode, the assassin Black Spider breaks into her room at night in order to kill her father Bernell, but is defeated and captured by Green Arrow and his sidekick Artemis. Cissie is shown looking up at the archers in awe, possibly foreshadowing her own heroic career in the comics. There were rumors that her role will expand later on in the series.

    DC Super Hero Girls

    Arrowette appears as a background character in the web series.

    Young Justice Outsiders

    In October of 2016 is was announced that WB would be reviving Young Justice for a third season set to air in 2018. At San Diego Comic Con 2017 the first promo images were shown and it was announced that Cissie King-Jones aka Arrowette would be joining the team.


    DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

    Arrowette in DC Super Hero High: Super Hero High
    Arrowette in DC Super Hero High: Super Hero High

    Arrowette is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

    DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero of the Year

    Arrowette is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

    DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

    Once again, Arrowette appears as a background character in the film (as a student of Super Hero School High), making cameos during the movie. She has no speaking lines.


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