Arrow Episode 408 - "Legends of Yesterday"

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#51  Edited By sbyrstall

@entropy_aegis said:

Looks like Savage retains his power of non sense illogicity here too,at least they're accurate. The Felicity pandering has gone off the rails,someone needs to rip her head off fast.Thank goodness the mother isn't Talia and the boy not Damian.

We can't do that. Emily Bett Rickard is the only reason why I watch Arrow. IMO, she's the most beautiful woman in tv. ;-)

@nightwing_grayson said:

anybody think "Jurgens Industrial" is a reference to Dan Jurgens?

Coincidence. It was referencing someone with the same name. LOL

I had two issues with the episode. First off they could had the DNA of Savage and found another way to defeat him. Instead they turned around and just walked away. Also when Savage was blasted to dust, they again just turned around and walked away. Talk about sloppy work on both heroes part.

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