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Arrow Season 2 Finale Week 3 of 5. What we fight for!

Yesterday's review (CHEW 41) and last Arrow review (220). Oliver has lost all hope. Seeing that the only option to protect the people he cares about; Oliver will turn himself in to Slade and allow his death to protect his family and friends. However, that plan won't stop Slade and what he has planned for the city!

This episode REALLY sets the stage for the last two episodes of this season! Oliver loss all his hope last episode with the death of Moira Queen--his mother. Still though, Slade does not have his complete revenge and is not done torturing Oliver emotionally. But you can tell with this episode, Oliver is finally done being the punching bag of Slade; and is ready to finally end Slade and his revenge scheme.

In this episode, in the wake of Moira Queen's death; Sebastian Blood becomes the new Mayor of Starling City -- promising that he will make it a "great one [again]." Many mourn the death of Moira, especially Thea, and she decides that it's time for her to leave the city with the revelation of her club being repossessed by Queen Consolidated (which is being run by Slade's right hand; Isabel Rochev). Oliver grieves the loss of his mother and decides that enough-is-enough and he must take the battle to Slade and his army!

I really enjoyed the entire setup for this episode. We had Oliver and company dealing with the present day events like Slade, Moira's death, etc. but we also had past Oliver deal with Slade and the early days of the revenge plot. How the episode made the transition between the two really helped me enjoy this episode to the fullest; without me being taken out of the present day events. Having Felicity and Digg be the center focus for the good portion of the first half of this episode was especially great. It showed the bond between the two and how they know what's best for Oliver; as it is very hard for him to change his mind when he's decided on one thing. I credit everyone from the writers to the actors on how these characters are portrayed. Because if you look at Oliver in season 1, his mind was made up that he'd be a killer (and he made up his mind he'd stay like that); now though, he's a hero (and looking for a different way; other than killing). So it's great to see that no matter what, character traits still get stuck with a particular character.

Sorry Laurel, four is a crowd.
Sorry Laurel, four is a crowd.

Staying on track with character traits sticking with a character, I enjoyed how Laurel's character was handled in this episode. How she sleuthed to find out that Sebastian Blood is working for Slade and how she eventually was (kinda) placed on Team Arrow to give Oliver a pep talk. It was great to see that character growth of how she sees the Arrow as something that's bigger than her; and she must make sure Oliver remembers who he is deep down. I like how Oliver made a comment to Laurel in saying that it started with the "three of us [Felicity, Digg, and Oliver] and it needs to go back to that." Granted it's not going to stay like that, however it was nice that Oliver isn't all too happy about expanding the team and having more people know his secret.

A BTS shot, but a good look at what you can expect from Slade's army.
A BTS shot, but a good look at what you can expect from Slade's army.

Obviously, Slade and his army was another highlight of this episode. While Slade only had a small voice part in this episode, I like to see how his plan is coming to fruition. It was cool at the end of this episode how he had his mirakuru soldiers in place at specific time and how they all struck in unison. Plus, I'm starting to take Isabel Rochev's character more seriously. I like how she's portrayed, not only as a skilled threat, but also a smart one that is acting like the black hole for all of Oliver's assets. How she is improving Queen Consolidated's reputation and taking all of Oliver's assets; all while aiding Slade's revenge plot -- is handled really well and I'm excited to see how she'll grow as a character. Slade's army finally make an appearance and it's going to be interesting how they are handled in the final two episodes.

There wasn't a lot of action in this episode, but for the scenes that did have action; they were well choreographed. I'm always pleased with how well the fight scenes are choreographed; as [to me at least] they are on a par with big budget movies. The acting was great as usual, great to see Colin Salmon's character [Walter] on the show again (he's awesome) and everyone portrayed their respected characters to the best of their abilities.

One thing I did have a problem with is Sarah Lance (Black Canary) leaving. She knows that Slade has an army waiting to take over Starling City, so why did she leave? She left last episode because she needed a "change of scenery." That doesn't really make any sense solely because she knows that Slade will either capture the city of Starling, or completely destroy it; including Oliver, her sister and father. So in what reality does this make sense? I really hope that by the end of the season, or maybe even next season, they make a GOODexplanation for why she left. Because right now, this does not sit well with me.

Well that was this weeks Arrow episode/review! Whether you hated or liked this episode, Arrow is one of the best shows currently airing on TV now. If you've never seen an episode I recommend watching the last two episodes of this season; then go back and watch season 1-2 again on Netflix. Great story, acting, producing, directing, etc. this episode 5 out of 5.

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