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A slow start from returning from a hiatus, but a good buildup for the next episode! 0

It's Approved to be a Spoiler Free Review![!!!!!!SPOILER FREE REVIEW!!!!!!!] When William Tockman (a.k.a. Clock King) starts robbing banks with advanced technology and excellent timing, it's up to Team Arrow to stop the Clock King's crime spree! Sara is officially back in the lives of her friends and family, and you'd think Laurel would be the first one to welcome Sara back with open arms? Nope! Let's delve into this review to find out why this is a 2 out of 5 stars. Arrow is a phenomenal show....

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Felicity is Arrow's Girl Wednesday 0

I’ve had a couple of friends start to watch Arrow via Netflix. Inevitably they get about 5-7 episodes in and come to me wondering what it is that I’ve been blithering – or cackling with glee - on about insistently. I always counter with I said to watch the Pilot and skip to about episode 11. With SHIELD and a host of other shows returning, I’ve been puzzling about what it is that really tied all of Arrow’s threads together and pushed it down the course it is present...

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setup for great things 1

Arrow is taking big steps here and so far the second season is pretty awesome! With the introductions of an already massive roster Arrow is playing all the right cards. It already introduced flash, salomon grundy, bronze tiger, deathstroke, deadshot, roy harper, ra's al ghul, and many more. And what they are doing here is building suspense surely, this episode was great and worth a 5 star rating and i cant wait for whats next! ...

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The Clock King Is Scary 0

This review originally went up on my blog here.I just don’t get why American shows take so many damn breaks in between their fall seasons. I mean, seriously, Arrow has taken like 4 breaks already or something, and this week at least it is taking another break. It totally ruins the whole momentum of the show, no matter how good it is. And I mean, I’ve been waiting so much to see the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey themed episodes, but we continue to wait on those. And just generally t...

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