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Secretes Always Have a Way of Coming Out

“League of Assassins” is unique in that it is a very Sara centric episode. The entire plot revolves around her and Ollie is pushed to the supporting character slot. Dragged into this conflict because the League attacked his house and threatened someone he cares about. She’s also the focus of the flashbacks which explain how she got on to the Amazo ship...well ok more like they plop her on the ship but who cares about the details. The ships name isn’t a throwaway reference as it is run by Doctor Anthony Ivo (who’s played by WB alum Dylan Neal), he’s trying to save the human race. With a guy like Ivo involved this has to be some proto metahuman powers stuff.


Secretes are a cool thing in drama. It makes a clear distinction between the people who know something and those that do not. The people in the know appear more powerful with their knowledge. The people that don’t know, look foolish their ignorance. And still the people who appear to know it all don’t. Ollie and Sara keep secrets from each and with Diggle and Felicity. All the while trying to protect the Lances from the truth about Sara. Meanwhile Moria, Al-Owal, and Professor (well Doctor) Ivo all hint at even darker secrets.

Sara Lance(Caity Lotz) has been around for an episode and is already more interesting than her Sister. She knows about Ollie, Diggle-Felicity, the Island, the ship, and some other stuff. She can name drop Shado and Slade and be the one person to connect to Ollie. Sara also happens to be able to kick major ass with her bow staff/escrima sticks. Now compare that to Laurel who is now even more in the dark about her family and city. All of this is compounded by the fact that Katie Cassidy isn’t a very good actress. Colin Donnell (Tommy) eventually overcame these plot constraint bonds with actual good acting for what he was given.

In this secretes maze is Thea Queen, who like Laurel has the two men in her life keeping some major stuff from her. Thea was by far the least likeable and interesting character in season 1. Now in season 2, she has turned into a competent and self reliable person over night. This is fueled by all the knowledge she needs to know about her Mother. With this universal truth she won’t run away from whatever comes out. As Moira contemplates a plea deal of life with possibility of parole in order to forgo a trial that may expose some tawdry secrets and one major one Moira doesn't want known.

“Crucible” had what sounded like a fun camp off hand remark about the weight secretes give a person. To which Oliver replied with “look how hard I work out.” Sara looks like she works out plenty but is absolutely crushed by the secretes she’s trying to keep from her family. All the things she had to do between the Amazo ship and now. One of which was join the League of Assassins. By the end of the episode Ollie seems to of had enough secretes and is at least looking to open up a bit more about his years away.

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With the League led by Al-Owal (Navid Negahban, Abu Nazir Homeland) targeting Sara’s remaining family she makes the tough call to reveal herself to her father. Arrow hasn’t really had any major soapy moments in a while. The melodramatic acting from Paul Blackthorne is the most soap this show has seen in a long time and it’s a tone that fit the scene. His long thought dead daughter suddenly comes to him from the shadows. Their embrace a moment of catharsis neither expected to have. I’ve come to really enjoy Paul Blackthorne’s terrible American accent and acting style, it works so well in this gritty camp show. Who could forget Blackthorne’s American accent?

Sara revealing herself to Detective Lance wasn’t the secret she was trying to protect him from. It’s the moment she snaps Al-Owal’s neck like it were nothing that she wanted to hide. Her father recoils instantly but he can’t hate her the same way he so pathologically hated the Hood in season 1. She’s his daughter, his very alive daughter. Secretes have a weight and this will be the heaviest he’s had to carry. “How do you live like this?” he wonders to the Arrow. STephen Amell’s face says without saying that he doesn't live. Oliver and Sara are like ghosts, trying to act less damaged than they are and like how everyone remembered them.

The Bits At The End

  • One wonders if Sara listened to “Animal I’ve Become” a bit to much

  • So, Nanda Parbat is a lot like Tahiti, they’re magical places.

  • So Sara is the oracle or something within the League of Assassins?

  • On the League front we might not get Ra’s Al Ghul but it sounds like we might get Talia or maybe Lady Shiva

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