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The Chosen Eight

Aroree was originally one of the Chosen Eight, warriors and hunters who lived in the Gliders' Blue Mountain. This is an elite force who use talon whips and can fly; additionally, they traverse the world of two moons effortlessly on gigantic flight-birds. She is a slender elf who shows many original traits of The High-Ones, being nearly as tall as the indigenous humans on the world of two moons.

Lover of Skywise

She falls in love with the charismatic advisor of the Wolfriders, Skywise the elfen astronomer. Afterwards, she becomes torn by her passion for the sensuous outer-environment and her obligation to hunt for the cavernous village inside Blue Mountain.

Siege at Blue Mountain

Aroree is perhaps the most naive and misguided of all the elves in Blue Mountain, besides Winnowill hersela. In ElfQuest: Siege At Blue Mountain, she kidnaps Dewshine & Tyldak's offspring, Windkin, offering that the child will be indoctrinated into the Chosen Eight and to be free from her obligation to serving the Gliders.

In connection to this kidnapping, many of the Wolfriders grow to detest Aroree and the Gliders even more, especially Scouter. Nevertheless, as the timeline of ElfQuest: Shards progress, she finally and irrevocably leaves the Gliders to join Cutter's elite force of elves & trolls who sneak into the Grohmul Djun's citadel.


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