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    Scare Tactics manager and bus driver.

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    Arnold Burnsteel is a close friend of Jared Stevens, and was originally introduced as a mentor and confidant of Jared's. He later appeared in the DC Comics Weirdoverse title Scare Tactics, as the band's manager and driver.


    Arnold Burnsteel was created by Len Kaminski, Anthony Williams and Andy Lanning.

    Character Evolution

    Arnold Burnsteel is a well-informed man with a lot of important contacts. His fascination with conspiracy theories and secret agendas, while helpful to those who seek his advice, has also made him quite paranoid, and guarded. He is naturally suspicious of others, and doesn't trust anyone in authority.

    Early depictions of Burnsteel show him to be quite cynical and distrusting, but as his story progresses - in particular, the events of Scare Tactics - his loyal nature becomes more apparent.

    Major Story Arcs

    Arnold Rescuing Grossout
    Arnold Rescuing Grossout

    Fate and Burnsteel came to learn of a top secret facility in New Mexico, where a group of teenagers were being held captive by R-Complex, a shady government organization. After breaking into the facility, the pair are confronted by a high ranking member of R-Complex, who offers Fate a job in return for Burnsteel. He accepts, using this as an opportunity to infiltrate the compound.

    Once free from his cell, Burnsteel finds a series of locked cells, with the teenagers trapped inside. He manages to free four of them, but some - including Cindy Brand - are left behind. Together, he and the gang of four - Scream Queen, Fang, Slither and Grossout - become fugitives, sticking together and trying to avoid capture by the government.

    Burnsteel was also part of the four-title crossover story arc Convergence, and appeared in all four Scare Tactics mid-series crossovers: Catwoman Plus, Impulse Plus, Robin Plus and Superboy Plus #2. He appears in the latter as the star of a four part mini-story at the end of each issue, which tells of how he came to rescue the four members of Scare Tactics in greater detail.

    Powers and Abilities

    While he does not have any superhuman powers, Arnold is an expert in myths, folklore and superstitions, as well as a technology and weapons expert. His greatest asset however may be the fact that virtually nothing fazes him, let alone scares him - he's seen what was left of Jimmy Hoffa, and he knows what's really going on at Area 51, and it's a lot worse than an alien invasion.


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