Armstrong's Satchel

    Object » Armstrong's Satchel appears in 35 issues.

    Armstrong's satchel is bottomless and contains many items he gathered in his life.

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    During the event called Unity, Armstrong lost the satchel in a pile of pterodactyl dung. When he and Archer were transported back to Los Angeles at the end of Unity, the satchel reappeared there also. However, it was unnoticed by The Sect, who had captured Archer and Armstrong upon their arrival in LA. A young street kid named Daryll picked it up and leered inside it, giving him the power of persuasion. Bragging about it to his friend Kevin Hudson, Kevin snatched the satchel and used it for his own selfish purposes. After several days, Kevin encountered a severely burned Mahmud, all wrapped up, resembling a mummy. Mahmud was insensitive to Kevin's powers and took the satchel from him.


    According to Armstrong, the satchel contains the Eye of the Sphinx and the trinkets of the gods, the Holy Grail and universes within universes, the very secrets of life itself.

    What has been seen pulled out of it:

    • The Eye of the Medusa, which turns people into stone if they look into the eye
    • The Wand of Circe, which will turn people into pigs when the enchantment is said
    • A gold goblet
    • An electrical gun made by the Nicola Tesla Company
    • The Book of Geomancers

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