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Violet grew up in a foster home with spiders making her scared. Violet then decided to commit suicide for thinking that she has nothing to live about. Violet jumped off the bridge and thought that she was dead as she fell to the water. Meanwhile, a powerful alien weapon called Tactigon which was once buried had surfaced and automatically equipped itself to Violet.

Violet became inspired after the weapon have installed itself on her. She then helped in fighting crime such as fighting vast villains of the Marvel Universe which sooner caused her involvement in the Initiative after helping the Mighty Avengers in fighting Ultimo.

Her first exercise in the Initiative is to defeat a robot which she successfully did. But she became really traumatized as she saw her fellow trainee Trauma turn into a spider which she feared the most. With intense fear and panic, she accidentally killed MVP with her weapon after saving Cloud 9.

After the incident, she was exiled in the program. Because of the threats that await everyone if the weapon will remain on her, the weapon was surgically removed from her. She was then sent back to San Francisco in a mental hospital with Dr. Burke as his observer because he believe that Violet is a danger to herself.

Powers & Abilities

Armory is a regular human equipped with a powerful alien weapon called the Tactigon. It automatically equipped itself on her left arm. It can shapeshift into different weapons that will help her defeat her opponent.

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