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    A particularly ruthless Autobot who believes the only way to beat the Decepticons is to be just as bad as they are. Armorhide's underhanded methods and nasty attitude put him at odds with a lot of his fellow Autobots, especially Optimus Prime. He transforms into an assault buggy.

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    2007 Movie Continuity

    Armorhide was once merely a civilian during the peaceful days of Cybertron. When the location of the Fallen was discovered however, Megatron changed the military's mission of defending the planet to conquering others. Armorhide joined Optimus Prime's faction, the Autobots. During the following civil war, he would be present when Optimus declared his plan to capture the All Spark. Due to lack of space on the Ark however, some Autobots were required to stay behind. Armorhide was among those who volunteered to stay.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Reign of Starscream

    Thousands of years later after Megatron and the All Spark cube were destroyed on Earth, Armorhide was part of a group awaiting their order to move out and rescue fellow Autobots who'd been captured by Decepticons and used to build Starscream's new All Spark cube. Once Arcee returned to join the team, they moved out.

    When Dreadwing's forces betrayed Starscream, Armorhide and his comrades created havoc in the Decepticon base by destroying the new All Spark and fighting the Decepticon forces assembled there. Armorhide wound up being pinned down by Ramjet, but was saved when Crosshairs lopped off the Decepticon's head. Armorhide and his group managed to escape with the captured Autobots when Dreadwing's starship came crashing down on Trypticon, destroying the once-great capital of Cybertron.


    Armorhide was later captured and brainwashed by Earth's anti-Cybertronian faction known as the Initiative. Made into their witless soldier, he was thrown at the combined efforts of the Autobots and NEST during the Initiative's final battle. He was able to be taken alive and gradually was brought back to his senses.

    Rising Storm

    Along with the other formerly-brainwashed Autobots, Armorhide was eager to get back on the battlefield, but Optimus told them that they needed to recuperate from the mental trauma they'd endured. Armorhide tried to protest, but only wound up proving Optimus' point when he kept losing track of the fact that he was no longer on Cybertron and not talking to Sentinel Prime.

    While Optimus and his team went to save Sam Witwicky from a Decepticon attack, Armorhide and his fellows remained behind, nostalgically staring at pictures from Cybertron's past. Lost in their memories, these Autobots were found and easily killed by Shockwave.

    Graves were later erected for Armorhide and the others who'd perished.


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