Character » Armageddon appears in 6 issues.

    Armageddon was once a Chaos Lord, but he had his own plans.

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    Armageddon was one of the six known Chaos Lords, but when he proclaimed himself to be superior over them, he was defeated in Chaos War and imprisoned in the Forever Wall.  Their battle was so terrible that it shattered the primordial atom giving birth to our universe.                                                             
    During Lady Death's battle with Genocide, an energy beam penetrated the wall, releasing slumbering Armageddon. It took months for Armageddon to arrive on Earth that had connection to Nexus of all things. Armageddon's plan was to unmake the universe and become sole inhabitant of space, becoming one with the universe.  
    On Earth various warriors gathered to defeat him, but only one succeeded - Oblivia. Armageddon's death still released the wave of uncreation, and the world ended. Mitchell Wardlow became the Lord Chaos and he created the world anew, with eight different variations. On the one called "Dark Millennium", received the place of Armageddon's grave. Armageddon's death also brought life as he now had a daughter Nocturne.


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