Armageddon #4

    Armageddon » Armageddon #4 - The Day the World Ended released by Chaos! Comics on January 2000.

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    Carcass and Suspiria are gone. Bedlam managed to transport the remaining crew a few hundred yards away but his energy is gone. Childe is attacked and receives a vicious wound to the back. All seems lost.

    Lady Death appears in a storm of arcane blue light cutting a swathe through Armageddons minions.

    Around the world Evil Ernie's nuclear launches wreak havoc as does the retaliation and what is left alive is ravaged by Armageddon.

    Vex takes care of the fallen Voodoo Childe as Armageddon enters her mind and says that he is disappointed that the child of Genocide should oppose him. Serendipity appears and shields Vex's mind from the attack and makes a deal with her, she will take the creatures mind if Vex attacks the body. They both try and appear to be the first thing that gives the creature pause but expend their energies all too soon.

    Lady Death is trying to formulate a plan of attack when the crushing sense of Evil Ernie's life force being extinguished brings her low. Almost immediately Purgatori and her army arrive and she orders her troops to attack while she negotiates new terms with the weakened Armageddon. She bites his flesh and drinks his blood initially reveling in the power and then sick with the malignancy of it.

    Oblivia returns and tells everyone what she did to the timekeeper and that she now know show to defeat Armageddon. All she needs is to wait for Morbid Angel. Who appears with Vandala. She takes the Chaos brand from Bedlam, the scythe of death from Morbid Angel, the Chaos shield from Vandala, Smiley Button from Homicide.

    Lady Death snatches back the inanimate Smiley (who reanimates at her touch) not wishing to be parted with the only earthly remains of her love Evil Ernie, after all it was this button that she used to empower her lover. Mary Young convinces her that this is what Ernie would have wanted as it stands for everything he was not . Smiley himself agrees and tells her that Ernie refused to turn to Armageddon in one of his final acts.

    Lastly Oblivia needs apocalypse to finish the monster. Lady Death tells her that the blade kills all that touches it save her. Oblivia understands and takes it and gathers up Nightmare from Purgatori's fallen body. She transforms into vampire form and attacks. When Armageddon takes note of her she buries both swords in its central face and takes the scythe to its stomach.

    the resulting explosion bathes all in the purple energy of uncreation. Wardlow feared this was coming from his calculations. He engineers quickly and hopes to do something.

    Mary, Homicide and Billy face the blast as a family. Chastity and Bedlam chat as the wave comes closer. The Omen team face it in hopes that chaos might lead to rebirth, Purgatori is enraged while Lady Death defies it to take her.


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