Armageddon #3

    Armageddon » Armageddon #3 - It Conquered the World released by Chaos! Comics on December 1999.

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    The forces of earth a mustered against Armageddon. The military maneuver in attacking the being from the ground and sky. They inflict no discernible damage to the beast that replies with an extinction-wave. A ripple of the purple energy that heralded its arrival that wipes out everything in its path. the wave expands and does more damage than any of the previous ones wiping out 30% of life on earth.

    The wave cripples Lady Death with pain as a vision reaches out to Evil Ernie, who at that moment is in NORAD with his finger on the launch button, asking him to swear allegiance for the battle to come. Ernie declines and pushes the button, the vision is enraged and tell him he is now its enemy as well.

    In the space between worlds Bedlam tells the team he only managed to make the leap with the aid of Vex and Childe and they are on the way to "see a man about a god". They land in a twisted world of bare trees and melting clocks. The Time Keeper tells them he will share knowledge of the story of the beast known as Armageddon for a price. The price is to be stated and paid after the terms are agreed and the story told.

    The tells the gathered that Armageddon was one of the six known Chaos Lords, but when he proclaimed himself to be superior over them, he was defeated in Chaos War and imprisoned in the Forever Wall. Their battle was so terrible that it shattered the primordial atom giving birth to our universe. Once freed Armageddon will use the Nexus of All things on Earth to unmake all things in the universe except himself so that he will become the universe. As to what can defeat him, the time keeper does not know but knows that it will require design and chance in combination. His tale told he demands his price and that is Oblivia. The others are shocked and refuse but Oblivia herself accepts in the hope that it will avoid her fate to die to save the world.

    In New Mexico Witlow is experimenting with his new found power and decides he's going to use it to change the world.

    Purgatori manifests on earth and is alive once more. Immediately she is fully formed the voice enters her head and demands her obedience she capitulates without hesitation. The voice then asks her to gather her armies and destroy Lady Death. Purgatori goes about her task with glee thinking all the while that once done she will find a way to supplant this creature as ruler of all.

    The Omen team arrive back on earth and are overwhelmed by the sense of fear as The Savior marches through a portal with thousands of follows that Armageddon has spared. Suspiria appears and looks to destroy the the invader, she and Savior clash and in turn Armageddon attacks them both with Crippler getting caught up in the same stream of lightening.


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