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The colossal creature that struck the earth in Wyoming has adsorbed the dead in the surrounding area, its arrival killed everything from humans to microbes in a hundred mile radius. Its tentacles burrowed into the earths mantle anchoring it into the ground. It takes the biology of the things it ingests and uses it to learn and create appendages in vague and twisted parodies of their original forms. These drnes are sent out and devastate the equipment and facilities on earth that might be used to harm their master.

In Los Angeles Bedlam convinces Gallows and his team that they need his and Chastity's help as they are important to the outcome of all this. The earth beneath them shatters and the purple-skinned spawn of Armageddon boil out. Chastity and Bedlam take the lead and take down the first wave. Childe's Loa magic has no effect on them. Vex identifies them as having the same scent of chaos as her father. As the attackers increase in number the beat a strategic retreat.

Las Vegas, site of Lady Death's Fortress of Oblivion and the queen of the dead sense the foul stench of corruption and steps out to investigate and is immediately ensnared in purple tentacles. The Chaos sword makes short work of them but the release energy revolts against Apocalypse's blade and throws her backwards. Lady Death comments that the energy released is not Chaos or Order; it is Entropy, Dissolution, the eternal hunger of the void.

In New Mexico Wardlow has kidnapped a man and is drawing on his body, marking dotted lines. He speaks words that burn with flame in the air and the man before him tumbles into neatly sliced blocks along the lines he drew.

Between Asgard and earth Purgatori rides at the head of her vast army towards the earth. She pauses and using her blood alchemy she invokes Lucifer. He has nothing but contempt for her especially as she wants to use him as a figurehead for her own victory. He tells her that lady Death will be his bride and none other. The mere mention of her pale nemesis refocuses Purgatori on revenge against her.

In L.A. the invasion is in full effect and its all the team can do to keep on slaying their attackers. They duck down an alleyway as a massive tentacle smashes through the city street and starts to morph into the same green beast that cleared the path for Armageddon to land on earth. It glows and builds until it explodes in a huge ball of purple energy that wipes out all life in the area. The same happens in city after city around the globe. The team run as Bedlam tries to teleport them out but he has limited time and power to move them all.


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