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First Issue on the Armageddon story arc that connects directly with:

In Wyoming a demon slaughters a male victim and dances and chants in a field of corn until th whole thing is a light in demon fairy-fire. The next morning an elaborate crop circle, several square miles wide, remains and is reported on CNN.

Mitchell Wardlow is a man possessed, since the Pandora Effect he has worked tirelessly, his mind opened to understanding of chaos and he calculates and measures the order within the chaos looking for who knows what. Mardlow sees the crop circle on his television and the the last variable becomes known to him.

In Iowa at Sanctuary Evil Ernie has taken over the airfield is has his ghouls slaughtering the people and filling an airliner. He gives orders for the pilot to remain alive as they need him for the flight.

A new crew covering the crop circle is trying to fly off in their helicopter when a commotion starts. Risings from the center of one fo the inner circles of the design is a massive green humanoid creature. It emits an enormous blue arcane energy shock-wave that first deafens the surrounding people and then incinerates them.

The wave somehow effects Ernie and he this thrust face to face with his love Lady Death who is just as shocked to see him, their psychic link briefly restored before breaking once again. Lady Death staggers, confused on the battlefield, her demon enemies see her stumble and take it as weakness and renew their attack. She brings Asteroth forward and he lays waste to the entire opposing army with his fiery blast. The devastation reveals a basement where the Lucifer Engine was hidden and is apparently still functioning. Lady Death decides it will be re-purposed to her own uses.

Elsewhere Chastity is on the hunt and being hunted by Bedlam when the shock-wave hits, it distracts her momentarily while she avoids Bedlams shots. He brings out ultra-violet slugs from Drakulon but Chastity avoids them too. Suddenly she realizes Bedlam hired her to hunt him. He confirms it is a test and she passed. He teleports them into the same room as the crew from The Omen. Morgan senses their arrival just before they land and prepares them for an attack. Bedlam tells them they are not the threat and are there to join them in defeating something else thats on its way.

Above earth a satellite spots an incoming object of massive size and speed headed directly for our planet. It enters earth atmosphere over Los Angeles finally smashing into the corn field and its massive crop circle. With it radiates a feeling of dread and sickens around the globe. From the crater emerges an amorphous beast of tentacles, mouths, wings and faces.

Every major player in the Chaos universe feels its presence and only The Faithless one welcomes its arrival.


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