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    Armada is reputed to be the finest corporate thief there is, so much so that few people even know of his existence. He 'acquires hard to get items' for a profit using a high tech battle suit and an team of robots.

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    Very little is known about the man who is known as Armada. In his first appearance he appears in a darkened street in front of a closed down cinema, using one of his many 'girls' (Various robotic devices all of which have been given women's names) to unlock the doorway before proceeding inside. While initially walking into a darkened room it suddenly becomes a strange limbo like place with plant like hills, none of which seems to shock Armada who proceeds onwards regardless, all the while seemingly talking to himself about how he should charge his employer double before asking for the opinion of his lock picking robot 'Shirley' who beeps in agreement.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    With Mysterio

    Having reached the back room of the cinema Armada is greeted by a glowing green head who promptly tells him he will only be paying the agreed charge, and not double like Armada had toyfully suggested. The head tells Armada that he wants him to obtain a special device from the Neural Port Complex at Centennial University - The D.I.T-Chip. Upon hearing the location Armada tells the head that the place has better security than Fort Knox, to which the head tells Armada that he was hired because the head was told he was reputedly the finest corporate thief there was and that if he could not handle the job someone else would be hired. Annoyed at hearing the lack of faith in his skills Armada instantly tells the head he will get the chip before setting off in preparation.

    At the University two professor's, Ramírez and Hanks, are working on the D.I.T-Chip (Digital Imagery Transmission Chip), revealing it is an orb that can read a person's mind and produce a visual representation of whatever the person thinks of, in this case a gold medal. Ramirez tells Hanks that the current test is only a small glimpse of the chips ultimate potential and that, given the proper programming, could revoluitionise the entertainment industry. As the two continue to talk they are interupted by Armada who thanks them for informing him of what it actually is he is there to steal before revealing himself in his battle suit for the first time. While Armada grabs Ramirez one of his robots knocks out Hanks while another lifts the chip as Ramirez begs for him not to take his life's work, to which Armada simply laughs off that he can before saying that now he has the chip he can do away with the doctor and his computer so no one can ever replicate the technology.

    Meeting Spider-Man

    As one of Armada's robots flies towards Ramírez's head Spider-Man (Ben Reilly on his first mission as Spider-Man following the Clone Saga) appears and shoots the robot out of the way with his webbing before swinging over to Ramírez. Armada glares at Spider-Man as he says he always dreamed of the day when he could face and adversary worthy of his talents before telling his 'girls' to attack him sending three of his flying robots towards Spidey while blasting him with lasers. After being hit by some of the beams Spidey tries to blast them down with his webbing but finds his shooters are jammed and so decides to deal with them the old fashion way, crushing them with his Spider-strength. Armada stands in shock as one of his robots lays in pieces on the ground before running screaming about how Spider-Man 'killed her' as he grabs Ramirez and flies out of the window, leaving Spider-Man stunned at how weirdly attached Armada appears to be to his robots.

    After clearing his jammed web shooters Spider-Man follows Armada out into the University courtyard, grabbing ahold of Armada's battlesuit as to not loose the villain. Realising he is being followed Armada calls Spidey a 'Murdering Fool' before sending another of his robots to cut the webline holding him in the air. As Spidey falls he shoots a web at the chip hoping to stop Armada from fleeing, only to have the villain drop Ramirez leaving Spider-Man with a dilema. Having grabbed hold of the chip Spidey shoots another web onto the nearby buildings ledge and making a harness around his waist with it before swinging down to grab Ramirez. Having lost track of Armada during the swinging Armada appears behind Spider-Man and tries to grab the chip away however the excess weight provided by his battlesuit causes the webline to snap leaving Spider-Man, Ramirez and the chip falling once again. Seeing that more robots are appearing from Armada's backpack in the suit Spider-Man webs him up causing Armada to loose the ability to fly as well.

    With everyone falling and not much time Spidey makes a web parachute for himself before blasting all of the remaining webbing below Ramirez and Armada to make a crash bag to break their fall which luckily works and saves both men. After taking off the web parachute Spider-Man goes after the chip as it rolls into an alleyway only to find that the last two robots Armada let out before he was webbed up flew down and grabbed it before flying away to take it to the mysterious employer of Armada. With the Professor safe and Armada unconscious and webbed up for the police Spider-Man leaves as the robots reach their destination and hand over the D.I.T-Chip to the green headed employer - Mysterio...

    Small Wake For A Tall Man

    Armada was last seen at the wake of Stilt-Man after his death at the hands of the Punisher, even having gone as far as to recreate a 'Doombot' to make Stilt-Man's widow believe her dead husband had been more influential than he was. After it became apparent that the bartender was in fact the Punisher in disguise and had poisoned everyone's drinks, Armada was seemingly killed from the bomb Punisher had planted in the bar.

    The lawyer Mallory Book, who represented many of the victims at the bar, later would claim that, although they all had to have thier stomachs pumped and be treated for 3rd-degree burns, none of the criminals were actually killed. This seems to be corroborated by the reappearance of most the "deceased" criminals, so Armada is in all likeliness still alive.

    Powers and Abilities

    Armada has no superhuman abilities but wears a battlesuit that gives him the ability to fly, enhanced strength and the ability to shoot beams of energy. The back pack of the suit also houses the multitude of robots that Armada employs to aid him in his crimes.

    List of Known Robots

    Armada uses a group of robots, all of which have women's names. These include;

    Shirley - A robot who can pick locks.

    Tricia - A robot that pounces on a persons face before releasing a strong electrical shock that causes the victims to pass out.

    Stephanie - A flying robot that can inject people with some form of anastysia.

    Penelope - A flying robot with built in grips that can lift and carry objects.

    Diane - Flying robot capable of shooting beam of energy. Apparently part of a trio. 'Murdered' by Spider-Man

    Elizabeth - Flying robot capable of shooting beam of energy. Apparently part of a trio.

    Unnamed flying robot - Flying robot capable of shooting beam of energy. Apparently part of a trio.

    Two unnamed robots - Capable of flying/lifting.


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