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    The imperial ruler of the extra-dimensional world of Polemachus. More recently, Arkon found himself in Weirdworld, a strange otherworldly dimension.

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    Arkon was a noble-born who grew to prominence on Polemachus for his military tactics and skills. The greatest warrior on his planet, Arkon rose to the title of Imperion. He first traveled to Earth 616 when he thought the only way to save his planets depleting energy rings, which gave light to his planet, was to destroy Earth. Arkon has fought and allied himself with such groups as the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Arkon was married to an alternate version of the Femizon Governess known as Thundra.


    Arkon was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. He made his first appearance in "The Warlord And The Witch" in 1970.

    Major Story Arcs

    Earth Encounters

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    Arkon's first interaction with Earth came when the Scarlet Witch read an incantation which opened the way for Arkon to come through for the first time. Arkon then kidnapped the Scarlet Witch, with intentions of making her his wife. Then he kidnapped a group of scientists whom he would have build a atomic device which he was going to use to destroy Earth. Before Arkon was able to set off this bomb, Tony Stark was able to construct a device which would restore the planet Polemachus' energy rings. With his worlds light restored, Arkon let go of both his ideas of destroying Earth, as well as his intentions on marrying the Scarlet Witch. A short time later Arkon, being led on by the Enchantress, returned to cause problems for the Avengers. After capturing the Black Knight, he once again battled the Avengers, but once he learned the Enchantress was the real foe, he called a end to the fighting.

    Later Arkon would return to fight with the Fantastic Four. He created a plan that would pit three different worlds against each other, hoping that the nuclear fallout from the war could be absorbed by his world. The three worlds, Earth-A, the 5th Dimension and Earth-616 were all poised to destroy each other, but it is learned that if they destroy the Nexus between these dimensions it would stop Arkon from having to destroy the three worlds. Arkon has placed a warrior named Gaard at the Nexus to stop the heroes from closing the black hole between the dimensions. Ben Grimm is able to defeat this guardian and close the Nexus, once again stopping any threat from Arkon, and stopping the coming war between the three dimensions.

    Versus the X-Men: Loving the Storm

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    Once again Arkon returned to Earth, but this time he returned because his planets energy rings were once again failing. Unable to find the Avengers, Arkon instead takes Storm of the X-Men. The rest of the X-Men are able to knock Arkon and go to Polemachus to find Storm, but when they do they find that she is not a captive. Storm had agreed to help their world, but it could cost her life, something she was prepared to do. Cyclops was able to find another way, combining Storm's lightning and his optic blasts to once again bring light to Arkon's world. Arkon asks the X-Men to stay and conquer an entire universe with him, but they insist that they must return home, so he transports them back to Earth.

    Arkon would again need the aid of the X-Men, as well as the Fantastic Four when his world was over taken by the Brotherhood of Badoon. The X-Men and Fantastic Four are able to help defeat the Brotherhood and restore Arkons kingdom to him and his people. After everything is over, Arkon and Storm share a moment, stating that though they both care for one another, neither can leave where they are needed.

    A Battle with the Avengers West Coast

    Arkon turned his attention next to the West Coast Avengers, namely Simon Williams, also known as Wonder Man. Simon had starred in one of the Arkon movies as a villain, and the real Arkon found the movies offensive, vowing to destroy everyone involved with the movies, starting with Wonder Man. After a brief battle Arkon was defeated and left Earth 616. It would be a long time before he was seen again.

    The West Coast Avengers and the Fantastic Four found themselves as pawns in a war between Arkon and his world of Polemachus, and the ruler of a Femizonia, Thundra. They would play a small part in the battle that culminated in Thundra and Arkon battling one another. Nether ruler would give any ground to the other, and through battle found that they were equals, and they became lovers and from then on ruled together.


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    During the Secret Wars crossover, Arkon was seemingly transported to the magical dimension known as Weirdworld where he was on a quest to return to his home city, somewhere in the realm. While his quest took him to many places on Weirdworld, and even gained the friendship of such characters as Crystar, the Crystal Warrior and Skull the Slayer, he did not manage to find his home untill moments before the end of the Secret Wars. During this, the whole dimension seemingly was destroyed.

    When the prime Marvel Universe was rebuild/restored, Arkon still found himself in the strange dimension and kept fighting evil creatures. During one such ocassion, Arkon saved a young Earth girl named Becca Rodriguez whom had only moments before entered the domain via an airplane crash. He welcomed her to Weirdworld, but has not been seen since.


    Arkon possesses superhuman class strength in the "Class 75" range and can lift at least 60 tons. He also possesses superhuman speed, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes and can also heal faster than a normal human. Arkon is a extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman as well as being quite skilled at throwing objects(specifically his lightning shaped weapons which he throws much like a javelin). Aside from his abilities he is also a expert military strategist and leader.


    Arkon carries a quiver of lightning bolts that can open gateways to other worlds, explode objects or deal devastating damage to a single target. He also often wields a sword or a small nuclear device that he can detonate. It has never been shown that he has actually detonated one of these nuclear devices.

    Other Versions

    JLA/Avengers Crossover

    During the events of JLA/Avengers crossover, both Arkon and Thundra along with every single living thing in their shared universe was annihilated by the DC villain known as Krona, who was traveling through The Multiverse in a desperate search for answers concerning the identity of the one who was behind The Creation Event.

    Other Media

    Arkon appeared in two episodes of X-Men the animated series (season 5 episodes 69 and 70). Like the comics it revolves around Arkon needing help from Storm, but in this version Storm learns Arkon to be a tyrant and leaves him for that reason.


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