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When Odin becomes tyrannical, the Warriors Three invoke his anger and are sentenced to death. Young palace Guardsman Arko, who has recently married, becomes involved with the trio and receives the same death sentence as well. On the day of their death, the four are rescued by the Asgardian sorceress called 'The Enchantress' and spirited away. The five of them become a rebel cell against Odin. Arko is accepted as a sworn sword-brother with the Warriors Three.

It is later discovered their ruler is not in his right mind, having been affected by the God of Mischief, Loki.

As seen during the aborted execution attempt, the wives of Arko and Volstagg have become friends, comforting each other in their grief.

Powers and Abilities

The Gods of Asgard have physical attributes that make them superhuman compared to human beings. They are near ageless, immune to all diseases and have superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and a high level of resistance to injury. The typical Asgardian God can only lift about 30 tons while the typical Asgardian Goddess can lift near 25 tons. The Gods of Asgard are also granted certain mystical abilities that in the past have shown to get them the power to change their appearance, transform matter and wield a numerous amount of different energies. Though many Asgardian Gods/Goddess' have not shown the ability to wield any type of energy or shown any mystic abilities these powers are inherent to all of their race.

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