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Arkham soon to destroyed again?

So Jeremiah Arkham is in works to repair Arkham Asylum again, but this time outside and inside forces are trying to disrupt this process.  I am getting pretty bored with the idea of tearing down and lifting up Arkham Asylum.  Apparently the place does not work.  The funders must be out of their minds (which at least one is) to fund a many times over proven failure like this asylum.  Jeremiah is the narrator for most of the book, but we are also shown one his workers, Alyce,  who is up to no good with an outside force of destruction.  Alyce is kind of interesting with ribbons of sins in her hair.  As per the cover, Clayface, Mr Freeze, and Killer Croc make tired appearances.  Batman does not show at all in this book.  Overall, I was quite bored.  The art is decent and the story telling isn't horrible just tired.  Only one more issue to go.  Here is to Arkham being retired for  a while.  Anyone else in Gotham want to step up?

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