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    The Arkham Staff are the medical and security staff that work at Arkham, to help the inmates and keep them secure and safe.

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    The Arkham Staff are the medical and security staff that work at Arkham Asylum, to help the Inmates and keep them secure and safe in the Asylum. Not the inmates themselves.

    Notable Staff

    Aaron Cash

    Aaron Cash is a corrections officer at Arkham and one of the few Asylum employees that Batman trusts. Cash's hand was bitten off by Killer Croc and Cash keeps a wallet made out of Croc's skin as payback.

    Alyce Sinner

    Formerly Jeremiah Arkham's assistant who later went on the become director of the Asylum. Alyce Sinner was a cult member and wears red ribbons in her hair that represent the 7 deadly sins.

    Amadeus Arkham

    Founder of the Asylum who later went insane. Amadeus Arkham is also the uncle of Jeremiah Arkham.

    Harley Quinn

    Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist appointed to the Joker whom she fell in love with and who eventually drove her insane.

    Hugo Strange

    Hugo Strange is often depicted as an insane doctor at Arkham who relies on shady methods.

    Jeremiah Arkham

    Jeremiah Arkham is the nephew of Amadeus Arkham and director of the Asylum. Jeremiah later become the new Black Mask.


    Formerly chief of security at Arkham, Lyle Bolton later becomes the violent vigilante Lock-Up.

    Quincy Sharp

    Quincy Sharp is the Warden of Arkham in the Batman: Arkham video-game series.


    Jonathan Crane is sometimes depicted as a doctor at Arkham before he becomes the Scarecrow.


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