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    Living Hell is Heaven to Batfans

    If you're a fan of the Bat rogues, this is the comic for you. It's the flipside of the coin of Morrison's Serious House on Serious Earth; more of a day-to-day guide to life in Arkham than a biblical nightmare. In other words, they complement each other very nicely.

    It is told through the lens of Warren White, the 'Great White Shark'. He manages to plead insanity for money laundering or something of the sort....but that might not have been the right move. The major bat characters make only minor appearances, which really suits the book. Instead, it's up to the inmates and staff of Arkham to deal with the problems that arise since this is Gotham City after all...

    The result is a wonderful characterization of the regular inhabitants of Arkham, a witty book, and generally a guaranteed good read.

    If nothing else, one chapter is told ENTIRELY in rhyme.

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