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Selena coming home
Selena coming home

An artist from Flagstaff, Arizona whom Selina Kyle befriended.

They became roommates and friends and Selina later relieved to her that she was Catwoman.

Shortly after that though, her and Selina's apparent got blown up by one of Selina's enemies while they were both in it.

Selena got her out alive, but when Arizona woke up in the hospital later, her memories were damaged.

Selina let her parents take her home and didn't contact her again, feeling guilty for what had happened to her becasue they were friends.


  • Name: "Arizona" is a nickname, her real name is unknown. Selina would call her "Ari" sometimes though, while Arizona would, in turn, call Selina "Sel".
  • Place of Birth: Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Residence: She shared an apparent with Selina Kyle in the Brideshead neighborhood of Gotham City for a time, but has since returned home to Flagstaff with her parents.
  • Occupation: Artist (painter)
  • Hair Color: At first, her hair was shown to be blonde and straight, in subsequent appearances though, she changed it to orange-blond and curly.


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